How can I find all the mac address on a LAN?

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MAC address
What is the best way to find the mac address of all the computers on a LAN? And if possible can I have the code in

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Finding all available MAC addresses on your network can be a tedious task, especially if your clients are running firewall software that blocks requested initiated from other hosts. Despite that, a quick and easy search on, e.g ‘LAN MAC address scanner’ will reveal a number of software products that you can use to achieve your desired result.

Other sources from which you can learn your network’s MAC addresses are your switches. If they are managed switches, chances are you can lookup their MAC-Address table. Cisco switches are excellent resources for such tasks as with a single command, they can provide a lot of information.

Another option is your network’s gateway. If your router doesn’t provide such information, you can stick a hub on it and with a laptop computer loaded with packet sniffing software record all packets that enter and exit your gateway.

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Get the Windows Administrator’s Automation Toolkit book (ISBN 0-7356-2166-7) It has this process as well as many others that might be of interest to you.

The system ARP table will have the MAC address if the device is on the same subnet and has communicated recently with your computer. To get the contents of your local machine’s arp table: arp -a at a command prompt.

As an alternative, if you have advanced switching, go to the switch and find the command to display the mac table. For example, on HP and Cisco switches, sh mac-address will give you all the MACs the switch knows

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  • Chippy088
    Try a google search. I have done this on our domain, as we were logging a new forest that has come onto our AD network. I have been doing it in vb script, but there are many sites out there that give help, and have routines written in
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  • Network Associate
    I have used SIW (System Information for Windows) which is a very helpful and extremely easy tool to use. As some of the other comments have mentioned, you have to be on the same network for it to find all clients and servers. You can also export the information into a nice HTML file! The free version has limited functionality but I think you will like what you get.
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  • Peterivan
    You can use this ipmac scanner tool: It pings lan with arp queries and list ip, mac, hostname, workgroup, device manufacturer for every network device
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  • Sathishkumarkps
    We can find out the MAC address using certain Network scanning utility ex: namp, arp etc., I hope this would be useful to you
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