How can I create or send Smtp multiple attachments in email using VB.NET 2008

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VB.NET 2008
I am working on vb dot net  code  which is used to send email from the desktop application, it is not working CORRECTLLY.  I need your expertee help Please !!!!! The main problem arises when I tried to attach multiple files or i tried to attach a file in the array and for loop.  Below is the codes I have used to implement. Imports

Imports System.Net







Public lastfile As Short


Public Readfile As StreamReader  

Public Filename(10000) As String


Public Cnter, Counts As Integer


Public inpath As String = "C:Mailer"


Public FromAddress As String = ""


Public ToAddress As String = ""


Public CCAddress As String = ""


Sub main()  

Dim strdate As String = ""


Dim subject As String = "SOLSGB Send daily data and Reports"


Dim body As String = "Please see attached files..."


Dim Filedata As String = ""


Dim SendLog As String = ""


Dim LogData As String = ""


Dim linedata As String


Dim TypeOfLine As String


Dim tmpstr As String




Dim fileReader As StreamReader fileReader =


Do Until fileReader.EndOfStream linedata = fileReader.ReadLine()

TypeOfLine = Trim(Mid(linedata, 1, 13))

tmpstr = Trim(Mid(linedata, 16, 35))


Select Case TypeOfLine  

Case Is = "From Address"

FromAddress = tmpstr


Case Is = "To Address"

ToAddress = tmpstr


Case Is = "CC Address"

CCAddress = tmpstr


Case Else


End Select





Catch ex As Exception  

My.Computer.FileSystem.WriteAllText("C:mailertxtUNKSend.log", "Config File, C:mailertxtmail.txt, or Path, not available." & vbCrLf, True)  

GoTo Finish  

End Try


Dim Attachfiles As String = ""



Dim MailToSend As Boolean = False


Dim CC As String = ""




Dim MailStatus As New SmtpStatusCode  

' MailMessage is used to represent the e-mail being sent


Using message As New MailMessage(FromAddress, ToAddress, subject, body) message.CC.Add(CC)


If UCase(Mid(Filename(Cnter), InStr(Filename(Cnter), ".") + 1, 3)) = "RTF" Then

FileOpen(1, inpath & Filename(Cnter), OpenMode.Append)


End If


For Cnter = 0 To UBound(Filename) Counts = Filename(Cnter) - 1


If UCase(Mid(Filename(Cnter), InStr(Filename(Cnter), "."))) = "RTF" Then


"C:Mailer" & Filename(Cnter), OpenMode.Append)  

End If

Readfile =

My.Computer.FileSystem.OpenTextFileReader("C:Mailer" & (Filename(Cnter)))  

Do Until Readfile.EndOfStream  

If My.Computer.FileSystem.FileExists(Filename(Cnter)) Then

Attachfiles = Attachfiles(

"C:Mailer" & (Filename(Cnter))) message.Attachments.Add(

New Attachment(Attachfiles))  



GoTo Finish  

End If




Next Cnter




Dim mailServerName As String = ""


'Dim mailServerName As String = "localhost"


' SmtpClient is used to send the e-mail


Dim mailClient As New SmtpClient(mailServerName)  

mailClient.UseDefaultCredentials = True


Console.WriteLine("Sending File...")  

' Send delivers the message to the mail server



End Using


Console.WriteLine("Message Sent OK", MailStatus)  

Catch ex As FormatException Print(1,

"Format Exception Fail" & ex.Message & " " & Now & vbCrLf)


Catch ex As SmtpException  

Print(1, "SMTP Exception Fail" & ex.Message & " " & Now & vbCrLf)


End Try



End Sub


End Module


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  • carlosdl
    You will need to provide the exact error message, and the line of code where it is being raised.
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  • Mtang2009
    Hello Carlos, Please bare with me, I'm new to this websit ok! Here are the error Readfile = My.Computer.FileSystem.OpenTextFileReader(inpath & (Filename(Cnter))) ArgumentException Occured (This is an error message ) The given file path ends with a directory separator character. Parameter name: file Please let me know, if you need more question Thanks Minh
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  • carlosdl
    The problem seems to be the argument you are sending to the OpenTextFileReader method. I would recommend displaying a message box with the contents of "inpath & (Filename(Cnter))" before calling OpenTextFileReader. An ArgumentException is raised when the file name ends with a backslash (\).
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