How can I become completely anonymous online?

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Data privacy
I just went on public records search website and I was shocked from the information I found on a lot of people and especially my friends and me too so how can I become completely anonymous online?

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Figure out a way to get into the government’s witness protection program, perhaps? Otherwise, it’s pretty much how our society works and you can only do so much. You should at least freeze your credit as outlined here:

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  • Subhendu Sen
    Completely anonymous, probably it is not possible. Else you leave social media & other online activities. Today almost all websites ask for email address/name etc. for their records or send OTP. So, it may not possible.
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  • TheRealRaven
    Agreed that "completely anonymous" might not be possible.

    First thing to do is to stop submitting information to remote sites if you don't want it known. Of course, this may mean that you cannot use any sites that require such info.

    And you might create a secondary e-mail address for use when you choose to be a little less known. You'll need to access it regularly in order to keep it active.

    However, for "public" data, you won't be able to do much about it. If it's part of the public record, significant parts of it are probably fulfilling legal requirements.

    You can possibly counter some of that with the use of 'anonymizer' sites around the web. A Google search for "anonymizer" should list at least a couple different ones. You might test different ones by accessing through them using different e-mail addresses and 'identities'. Use one for a couple months, then repeat your original record search to see what was released. If you're unsatisfied, move to the next 'anonymizer' with a new e-mail address and 'identity'.

    For the vast majority of people, the only reason to do so is paranoia. If anything such as illegalities are involved and those are serious enough to start on-line research into your activity, your anonymity will probably be short-lived.

    For nearly all other reasons, it's very unlikely that anyone will ever look for anything about you other than what's already in "public" records.
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  • ToddN2000
    If you are looking to hide your personal info already online , not possible if it's information is public record. Things like buying a house, arrest record and a bunch of other bits and pieces of our lives are out there. A great way this data gets out there is is any of these shopper loyalty programs. Do they really need to know my birthday and my address? Then they ask the security questions on top of that. Even if you never touched a computer in your life, there is most likely information on you other can see for free or a small fee from some of the other sites.
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