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I'm looking for a hosted/managed anti-spam/anti-virus solution for a 20 mailbox site running Exchange 2k. For reasons I won't go into I think a hosted solution is a more productive long term solution compared to a hardware based product or software running on the exchange server itself. So I would like to get your feedback on which hosted solution you have used and their reliability. How many false positives were found? Did you ever have to ring their tech support and was the there a long wait time? I tried to contact messagelabs but they never bothered to return my call. So far I like spamstopshere since they have the most informative web site. Thanks for your time.

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We use MessageLabs and had been very happy with them. However, they’ve been recently taken over by Verizon and the transition has not been smooth. I would have recommended MessageLabs without hesitation six months or a year ago, but since being taken over by Verizon, I’ve found it much harder to get service or even get someone on the phone who understands what I’m talking about. I’ve handled basic mail routing for years, and if I’m talking to a provider like this, I should not have to explain what I mean by a “handoff to the recipient domain.”

Unfortunately, I have no purchasing authority, so I have to make do. Good luck!

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  • Stevesz
    I have a client who is using MailWise ( since before I arrived. They seem to do a good job and are responsive to requests, though at times they seem to be a bit overwhelmed. They were very helpful in tracking down a problem one user was having due to an unusual character in her e-mail address that is not specifically covered in the RFC's. I would have never allowed that e-mail address, but someone previously had, and apparently it had been a problem for a while since there were a number of alternate addresses entered for that user, though she kept insisting on using the problematic one. We know have her using an alternate and things are working well, but some out there still use the old one. eventually the old address will disappear.
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  • Espettit
    We have a couple of clients using Postini and they are all happy w/ the service. Much happier than when we tried to do it in house, though we still also do AV in house. ESP
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  • EricHarris
    We tested Postini and Frontbridge before settling on Frontbridge. There has been very little need for administration, setup did not require more than a few minutes and they have a very low rate of false positives. Users can easily report spam that gets missed. They can also easily release messages that shouldn't be blocked and set up whitelists for their newsletters, etc. As the administrator, I haven't heard about any false positive problems for a year or more. Tech support often picks up the telephone directly and I've never had to wait more than 5 minutes. My problems have mostly been from one of our customers getting themselves (more correctly, the IP address of their mail server) on a spam blacklist and blaming us when we don't get their e-mail. They are owned by Microsoft now (evil empire and all) but the service hasn't changed and they have 20 data centers worldwide which provides good support for global companies. They did mess up an infrastructure upgrade recently and had routing loop issues which sporadically prevented mail delivery over a period of three days. Other than that we haven't had major issues. For us they block about 180,000 spam/virus messages per day and I would guess that our company averages around 1000 uncaught spams per day.
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  • Yisgexchggrl
    I have about 1,000 users in our company on Exchange 2003 Server and we have been using Postini going on 4 years now. The minute we started using it the spam issue was resolved. They have excellent support and you always get a live person immediately. When we first set it up they worked with us over the phone through the entire process and tested to make sure everything was working properly. We use CA for antivirus however Postini does scan incoming emails for virus infections.
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