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Is it just me, or does it feel like we are bsing used for a homework resource for a Networking class?

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I concur with the feeling with some of fellow members that if we feel that if the person (student) has done some work on his/her own and just need some direction and guidance to proceed then … it is OK to help. I like to provide some generic basic model on which the student can explore. I use this type of approach at work to guide junior members of our team.
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We try to remove all homework type questions but some get thru. You can always report objectionable content. My best advice is to just not respond.

If you show them the answer what have they learned? Show them where to start looking and he will remember the next time. A gentle nudge in the right dirrection should do. Or you can do his home work for them.. Which is why they call it home work. It is supposed to start them thinking.. My 2 cents

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  • Technochic
    I have often wondered the same thing Sean. I don't answer those types of questions. I rarely see them answered at all. Seems kind of a slacker thing to do, right? :-)
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  • ITKE
    Yeah I think the community can police itself. If you see a blatant homework question let us know and we can remove it. The goal of the site is to keep it focused for IT pros who are in the workspace. :)
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  • carlosdl
    I have seen a few homework questions in which one can see that the student has been trying to solve it by himself, but at some point he encounters some specific problems, and asks for help. Personally, I like to help in such cases, when I can. What do you think ?
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  • ITKE
    Carlos I think it is up to each member. We don't want to control what members do on the site or give them specific guidelines. If a question is up and not answered feel free to answer. Thanks Sean
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  • Flame
    I've seen some questions that look like they were cut and pasted directly from the student’s assignment. If the question was framed as a "Yes this is home work, and this is what I figured out so far, but here is where I am stuck" kind of question, it would be remarkable similar to questions that are not homework. Part of solving these kinds of problems involves going to others. It also involves having the skill to formulate an intelligent question, demonstrating what you have already done, and what you already know. I won’t answer questions that are obvious attempts of an asker seeking a "cut and paste" answer for homework. I do see the value in rewarding a well though out questions. Even though they might be obvious homework, if they are well presented, and demonstrate that the asker has done some work on their own, I feel comfortable with giving a hint or nudge in the right direction.
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