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Is is possible to hide an entire tab on a table (displayed 1 tab at a time), not just the data on the tab in 7.02?

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When you assign a hide formula to all the content in a tab, the tab disappears. There is no control that hides the tab independently of hide formulas for the content.

Tip: The easiest way I have found to write reliable hide formulas is to write a condition that represents the state in which the content should appear and that is reliable (e.g. there will never be errors in those field values), then wrap the condition in a NOT.

!(Status = “Open” & Approval = “”)

The data controlled by this formula will show if the Status is Open and the Approval is blank.

This is not actually true. You can use the above method, it is just not the only method. On the properties of a tabbed table, you can choose to “programmatically” change tabs, and then choose not to display the tabs. Then use a button on the tab to go to the tab you want. I have used this many times to make “wizard” like dialog boxes and all kinds of things.

To change a tab programmatically, just use the hidden table name – $TableName, assign it (it is technically a field) the value of the tab name you want and do a refreshhideformulas.

This is documented in help quite well, but let me know if you need more specifics. Also, this has been a feature since tabbed tables (version 5 I believe, could have been 6 though)


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  • BruceWayne
    Remember : All the lines of the tab must be hidden, if you want to not display the entire tab !
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  • Brooklynegg
    Good point, Sliktool! We don't hide tabs a lot, so I have used the hide formula method for the occassional and simple instances. I have seen the method you described used in our company for more complex uses. I probably should have made sure I understood it and used it in my solutions to be consistent. The method you describe is not complex,of course -- just different from what I described.
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