HFC 125 vs FM 200 performance

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A SearchDataCenter reader wrote in with this question: What is the difference in the performace of hfc227 compared with HFC 125 in the same application? What are the disadvantages of HFC 125 compared to HFC227(FM200)?

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This is a common question among IT / mission critical facility stakeholders.

I’ll try to boil it down to a few key points:

HFC-227ea (commonly known as FM-200)
– Most commonly used agent for halon-replacement applications
– Readily available in most every geography around the world
– Some OEM’s can provide in a delivery methodology allowing nearly direct halon drop-in replacement
– Safe for people, and the assets within the protected space

HFC-125 (commonly known as FE-25)
– Newly available on the market; not quite as easily available for re-fill purposes
– Previously had toxicological interpretation questions, so was generally not used in occupied spaces
– Recent (2000) adoption of certain methodologies to interpret tox. data allows this agent to be used more liberally, thus allowing more freedom for use in occupied spaces
– Generally requires ~15% less agent than FM-200, thus making it generally more economical for the same space

In terms of actual fire suppression performance, the two are virtually identical.

Hope this helps!

Lance D. Harry, P.E.
Director of Sales
Chemetron Fire Systems

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  • Jfs
    What are the facts behind some comments that FE 25 can have significant damaging impact to plastics, tape media and hard drives if accidentally discharged in a Data Center? True or False? If False what is the basis of the rumors?
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  • Skudhal
    Can we fill hfc227 in hfc 125 cylinder as per their pressure.
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  • Subhendu Sen
    @Skudhal, have you asked for did auto fire extinguishing system? 
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  • ToddN2000
    @Skudhal: Most likely I will say no. With the way pressurized tanks and cylinders have to be marked for their contents in the US, I do not think you will find a supplier that will fill it with a different material. This may not hold true in other countries. Best to ask the company that would fill the tanks. There may be slight differences in the shutoff, valve, tank thickness or something else that prohibits this. 
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