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Lotus Domino 7
My problem is that it says that the Call Newsletterwithlist for the agent to the newsletter it says variable is not set and I can't seem to fix it. I have tried debugging it and can't not understand what it is missing when trying to link the two together. It doesn't give me the error inless I put in some error processing which then shows me it is on line 77 which I have Rem out up top so you can see. Can anyone please help me fix this?
Here is my Agent Dim okayemail As Boolean
Dim debugsearch As Boolean Dim logpath As String Dim errorlist List As String Dim AlertNotificationdoc As NotesDocument Dim x As Integer Dim AlertNotificationdc As NotesDocumentCollection Dim AlertNotificationdb As NotesDatabase Dim worksel As String Dim selection As String Dim LogDBV As Variant Dim LogEntry As String Dim workcount As Integer Dim strfield As String Dim timestamp As NotesDateTime Dim LOGNAME As String Const LOGagent = "SendAlert" Dim user As NotesName Dim samplist List As String Dim servname As NotesName Sub Initialize  On Error Goto ProcessError Set s = New NotesSession Set db = s.CurrentDatabase server = db.server Set timestamp = New NotesDateTime(Today) REM Loading the database into the agent  LogDBV = GetKWV("LogDatabases") Call AgentLogAction(LOGNAME, "<------Start------>") Set servname = New NotesName(db.server)
LOGNAME = servname.Common & "-" & LOGagent
REM For debugging  If GetKW("Debug") = "1" Then Debugsearch = True Else Debugsearch = False End If Forall LD In Logdbv Logpath = LD  Set AlertNotificationdb = s.getdatabase(db.server,LD) worksel = |(@created = @date(| & Year(timestamp.LSLocalTime) & |;| & Month(timestamp.LSLocalTime) & |;| & Day(timestamp.LSLocalTime) & |))| selection = worksel If debugsearch Then Call AgentLogAction(LOGNAME, "selection= " & selection) End If Set AlertNotificationdc = AlertNotificationdb.Search( selection , Nothing , 0) If Not AlertNotificationdc Is Nothing Then Set AlertNotificationdoc = AlertNotificationdc.GetFirstDocument 
While (Not AlertNotificationdoc Is Nothing) 
strfield = AlertNotificationdoc.GetItemValue("A$LogType")(0)
If strfield = "Error" Then
REM when using fields with dollar signs you must use doc.getitemvalue("A$Logtime") (0) 
errorlist(AlertNotificationdoc.UniversalID) =AlertNotificationdoc.GetItemValue("A$LogType")(0) & "~" & Alertnotificationdoc.GetItemValue("A$Logtime")(0) & "~" & AlertNotificationdoc.GetItemValue("A$Progname")(0)& "~" & Alertnotificationdoc.GetItemValue("A$User")(0) & "~" & Alertnotificationdoc.GetItemValue("A$Action")(0)& "~" & Alertnotificationdoc.GetItemValue("A$ERRMSG")(0)  okayemail=True
End If
Set AlertNotificationdoc = 
AlertNotificationdc.GetNextDocument(AlertNotificationdoc) REM sending it to a new database and checking for errors Wend
End If
End Forall REM Calling the e-mail letter 
If okayemail Then  REM Line 77 below the whole call statement Call NewWeeklyNewsletterwithlist(AlertNotificationdoc,GetKWNames("AlertNotification") ,"ErrorAlert")  End If 
Exit Sub  Call AgentLogAction(LOGNAME, Cstr(workcount) & " Error emails sent") Call AgentLogAction(LOGNAME, "<------End ------>") 
ProcessError:  Call AgentLogError(LOGNAME,0, "Line: " & Erl() & " Error:" & Err() & "=" & Error() )
Call AgentLogError(LOGNAME,0, " Error in " & (AlertNotificationdoc.Logpath(0)))  Resume Next  End Sub Here is my Newsletter  Sub NewWeeklyNewsletterwithlist(AlertNotificationdoc As NotesDocument, Attention As Variant, Action As String)  On Error Goto ProcessError  Dim s As New NotesSession  Dim rtiText1 As NotesRichTextItem  Dim rtiText4 As NotesRichTextItem  Dim rtiBody As NotesRichTextItem  Dim nrts As NotesRichTextStyle  Dim nrtsbold As NotesRichTextStyle  Dim strMsg As String  Dim docloop As Integer  Dim doc As New NotesDocument(s.CurrentDatabase)  Dim ndoc As NotesDocument  Dim Debug As Integer  Const LOGNAME = "NewWeeklyNewsletterwithlist(S)"  Dim Unid As String  Dim codedb As NotesDatabase  Dim codeview As NotesView  Dim notifdoc As NotesDocument  Dim item As NotesItem  Dim att1 As Variant  Dim st As Variant  Dim samplist List As String 
server = s.CurrentDatabase.Server  Set codeview = codedb.GetView("Notification")  Set notifdoc = codeview.GetDocumentByKey("SampNotification") 
st = Attention Set Item = 
If notifdoc.DebugMode(0) = "1" Then 
Set item = notifdoc.GetFirstItem("DebugEmail") 
Att1 = item.Values st = att1 debug = True Else 
debug = False End If 
If (Not debug) And (Attention(0) ="") Then 
Exit Sub 
End If 
Set rtiText1 = New NotesRichTextItem(doc, "Title1")  Set rtiText4 = New NotesRichTextItem(doc, "Title4")  Set rtiBody = New NotesRichTextItem(doc, "Body")  Set nrtsbold = s.CreateRichTextStyle  Set nrts = s.CreateRichTextStyle nrtsbold.NotesFont = Font_Helv  nrtsbold.FontSize = 10  nrtsbold.NotesColor = Color_Dark_Blue nrtsbold.Bold = True  Call rtiText1.AppendStyle(nrtsbold)  Call rtiText4.AppendStyle(nrtsbold)  nrtsbold.FontSize = 8  Call rtiText1.AddNewLine(2)  Call rtiText1.AppendText(strMsg)  Call rtiText1.AddNewLine(2)  nrts.NotesFont = Font_Helv  nrts.FontSize = 8  nrts.NotesColor = Color_Black  nrts.Bold = False  Forall e In samplist  REM parse out each value  E1 = Strtoken(e,"~",1,5)  E2 = Strtoken(e,"~",2,5)  E3 = Strtoken(e,"~",3,5)  E4 = Strtoken(e,"~",4,5)  E5 = Strtoken(e,"~",5,5)  E6 = Strtoken(e,"~",6,5)  End Forall  Call rtiBody.AppendStyle(nrts)  docloop = 0  Set ndoc = dc.GetFirstDocument  While Not ndoc Is Nothing  docloop = docloop + 1  Call rtiBody.AppendText(Str$(docloop) & " - ( ")  Unid = ndoc.UniversalID strMsg = "An Error has occurred for a Lotus Database"  Call rtiBody.AppendDocLink(ndoc, strMsg)  Call rtiBody.AppendText(" ) ")  Call AgentLogAction(LOGNAME, "Loc" & Cstr(ndoc.LocationNumber(0)) & "PassThru: " & Cstr(nrts.PassThruHTML))  strmsg = ""  Select Case Action  Case "ErrorAlert"  Call rtiBody.AppendStyle(nrtsbold)  Call rtiBody.AppendText("Database name of Agent log: ") Call rtiBody.AppendStyle(nrts)  Call rtiBody.AppendText(ndoc.Location(0) & " " & ndoc.accountname(0))  Call rtiBody.AddNewLine(1)  Call rtiBody.AppendStyle(nrtsbold)  Call rtiBody.AppendText("Date/Time of Error: ")  Call rtiBody.AppendStyle(nrts)  Call rtiBody.AppendText(ndoc.OriginatorsName(0) )  Call rtiBody.AddNewLine(1)  Call rtiBody.AppendStyle(nrtsbold)  Call rtiBody.AppendText("Agent: ")  Call rtiBody.AppendStyle(nrts)  Call rtiBody.AppendText(ndoc.viewstatus(0) ) Call rtiBody.AddNewLine(1)  Call rtiBody.AppendStyle(nrtsbold)  Call rtiBody.AppendText("User Name: ")  Call rtiBody.AppendStyle(nrts)  Call rtiBody.AppendText(ndoc.ageinstatus(0) )  Call rtiBody.AddNewLine(1)  Call rtiBody.AppendStyle(nrtsbold)  Call rtiBody.AppendText("Error Message: ")  Call rtiBody.AppendStyle(nrts)  Call rtiBody.AppendText(ndoc.ageinstatus(0) )  Call rtiBody.AddNewLine(1)  Case "Confirm"  End Select  Set ndoc= dc.GetNextDocument(ndoc)  Wend  'Set up and Send Memo  doc.Form = "ReadyMemo"  Select Case Action  Case  "ErrorAlert"  strMsg = "An Error has occured in the following database" Call rtiText1.AppendText( GetKWV(" LogDatabases"))  Call rtiText1.AddNewLine(2)  End Select  ("Principal")  doc.Subject = strmsg  doc.OrigST = Attention 'for debugging  doc.Principal = "Error Notifications" doc.Save True, False  Call doc.Send(True, st) 
Exit Sub 
Call AgentLogError(LOGNAME, 0, "NoteID: " & ndoc.NoteID & Err() & ": " & Error() & " Line: " & Erl() )  Msgbox Err() & ":" & Error() Resume Next End Sub

Software/Hardware used:
Domino 7.0

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