Help with embedded SQL in RPG. Dang thing hates the delete statement?

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 H OPTION(*NODEBUGIO:*SRCSTMT)                             *******************************************************  FWRLDSHP   IF   E             DISK                       FWRLDSHP1  O  A E           K DISK                       D*******************************************************  D*  Working Variables                                    D*******************************************************  D                SDS                                     D PGMNAME                 1     10                       D*                                                       D myDS            ds                   occurs(60)        DXORDNU                          7a    varying           DXHIPDT                          7a                      DXSHPIN                         30a                      D*                                                       D i               s             20i 0 inz                D*                                                       D*INVDETL        E DS                  EXTNAME(WRLDSHP1)  C*                                                       C/EXEC SQL                                               C+ Set Option                                            C+     Commit    = *NONE,                                C+     CloSqlCsr = *ENDMOD                             

C/END-EXEC                                       C*                                               C                   EXSR      AAAOPEN            C*                                               C                   EXSR      GETDETAIL          C*                                               C                   EXSR      SQLCLOSE           C*                                               C                   MOVE      *ON           *INLR C*                                               C/EJECT                                          C     AAAOPEN       BEGSR                        C*                                               C*    * Execute SQL prepare and open statement   C*                                               C/EXEC SQL                                       C+  DECLARE A CURSOR FOR                         C+  SELECT *                                     C+  FROM MBMTEST01/WRLDSHP                       C/END-EXEC                                       C*                                               C/EXEC SQL                                       C+   OPEN A                                     

C/END-EXEC                                                             C*                                                                     C                   ENDSR                                              C*                                                                     C     GETDETAIL     BEGSR                                              C*                                                                     C*    * Read selected detail records                                   C*                                                                     C                   EXSR      GET                                      C     SQLCOD        DOWEQ     0                                        C*    myDS          dsply                                              C+                  DELETE FROM MBMTEST01/WRLDSHP WHERE TNCOUN  = 'USA' C                   EXSR      GET                                      C                   ENDDO                                              C                   Eval      *inlr = *on                              C                   ENDSR                                              C*                                                                     C/EJECT                                                                C*                                                                     C     GET           BEGSR                                              C*                                                                     C*    * Get invoice detail records using dealer cursor                 C*                                                                     C/EXEC SQL                                                            

C+   FETCH FROM A INTO :myDS   C/END-EXEC                     C*                             C                   ENDSR      C*                             C/EJECT                        C     SQLCLOSE      BEGSR      C*                             C*    * Execute close of cursor C*                             C/EXEC SQL                     C+   CLOSE  A                  C/END-EXEC                     C*                             C                   ENDSR      C*                            

Software/Hardware used:
iseries as/400

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Your DELETE statement is not within an EXEC-SQL – END-EXEC declaration block.

But that would exec the delete statement for every record in the file. The first time it would delete all the records with a TNCOUN = ‘USA’, every time after that would be wasted cpu.

If all you are trying to do is delete all the records that have a TNCOUN = ‘USA’, then you are making this too difficult. You don’t need to have an SQL cursor to delete a set of records. If this is what you are trying to do your *whole* program could be reduced to this:

******* start source *******
Exec SQL Set Option Commit = *NONE;
*inlr = *on;
********end source ********

This is assuming that you are on V5R4 or higher. If you are on a lower version then you will need to surround each SQL statement with the /EXEC-SQL and /END-EXEC statements.

And if you compile your program with comit(*NONE), then you don’t even need the “Set Option” statement.

Hope this helps. 🙂

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