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I need to create a databse that keep track of a Item # and associated with that Item# is 2 type of people. DonorID and OwnerID. Both these type of people i want listed in the same Table. So far my structure looks like so.

[strong]tblItems  [/strong]                  [strong]   tblPerson[/strong]       

Item#                           PersonID(want linked to DonorID & OwnerID)

Description                    LastName

DonorID([em]dropdownList[/em])    FirstName


I can succefully link 1 of them (OwnerID or DonorID) but when i try to link another one access says"relationship already exist" and makes a third table called "tblPerson_1" and then links it to that one.

Why can't I link the 2 foreign keys to the 1 primary ?

Am I going about this the right way ?

How can I use 1 table to identify all my people and just link it to the DonorID/OwnerID fields in tblItems properly ?

Software/Hardware used:
Access 2007

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Access doesn’t create a new table, it just shows you the same table 2 times. It needs to do that to be able to display the second relationship.

You can confirm that by querying the MSysObjects table, looking for an object called ‘tblPerson_1’. It will not exist.

You can also query the MSysRelationships table, and you will see that the szReferencedObject field is the same for both relationships.

So, don’t be afraid, a new table is not being created.



You’ll probably need to edit the code which Access is using to create the second relationship and give it a different name.

Add another one copy of the table in the diagram and make link with it.

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  • Tdizzle342
    How do I go about editing this code ? I am fairly new to access sorry. REDO: tblItems tblPerson Item# PersonID(want linked to DonorID & OwnerID) Description LastName DonorIDdropdownList) FirstName OwnerID(dropdownList)
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  • SbElectric
    Well, my first inclination is to create only one table for the Donor and the Owner. This can be easily done by adding a field "TYPE" with "D" for Donor and "O" for owner. Or you could create the Foreign key by starting with D or O as the first character of the key. Then you need to link only one table. May be I am not following your design architecture/structure.
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  • carlosdl
    I think you could create the 2 foreign keys without any problems, with a script (SQL).
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  • tlsanders1
    Maybe create two separate queries with different names, but both pull info out of the person table. Then link your drop down boxes to the queries.
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