Help with basic static IPv6 addresses please?

Windows Server 2008 R2
Hello everyone, I'm doing a big project for school which is very important. I'm trying to make a simple IPv6 network and so far I have such a thing. I have a Dualstack line with an IPv6 Ready modem/router. In my small test network I have a client with Win 7 Ultimate N and a server with Windows Server 2008R2 Enterprise. So far I have IPv6 connection when I set everything to auto, but I'm trying to give the server and client a static IPv6 adres. I know how IPv4 works with this and it's really easy, but my experience with IPv6 isn't that much. I have the following information: Modem: 2002:d5f7:755c:8000:c225:6ff:feb5:9598/64 fe80::c225:6ff:feb5:9595 fd00::c225:6ff:feb5:9595/64 Client - autoconfig: 2002:d5f7:755c:0:a9:c2c6:c5be:5fda fe80::a9:c2c6:c5be:5fda Server - autoconfig: 2002:d5f7:755c:0:6025:a7ce:2cf0:3a01 fe80::6025:a7ce:2cf0:3a01 The IPv6 addresses are autoconfigurated and IPv6 addresses are static. I want to give the server and the client a simple addres which I can use to communicate between the client, server en modem. I thought that I could use fd00::11/64 for the server and fd00::21 for the client with gateway and dns address fd00::c225:6ff:feb5:9595/64. Unfortunately it didn't work and I could not ping google's DNS server 2001:4860:4860::8888 or 2001:4860:4860::8844 which I could when it was autoconfigurated. Can someone please help me? Thank you in advance. --- Jonathan

Software/Hardware used:
Server 2008R2 Enterprise, Win 7 Ultimate N, HP Compaq, Dell PowerEdge 1900, FRITZ!Box 7390 Modem/router.

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Hi Jonathan

The 2002:-Adresses are 6to4 addresses, 6to4 being an automatic tunnelmechanism. I understand that when configuring static addresses you used the FD-Prefix. This prefix can only used for internal address space and cannot be routed on the Internet (similar to the private addresses in IPv4). This is why you can’t reach Google with an FD address.


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