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hi! i m a beginner in java programing ... i need to create a database using java .... the data are in the form of tables .... plzz guide me how to do it or where can i get the help???? how shud i get started ??

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hi frnd..
u hav written something like this ” i need to create a database using java “..this sentence lacks clarity…actually i dont think u can create a database using java..infact u can use java to connect to a database like oracle and access the data from there…that is called three tier architecture..for that purpose u hav to write jdbc:odbc connection strings…java servlet pgmng or of luck

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  • Mrickett
    Just a small correction. There are JDBC drivers available for most databases. Please see: It is possible to similate a database in Java using text files.
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  • TheNotoriousJMP
    Yes, "creating a database using Java" does not make sense. As in the previous reply, just to reiterate, you can use JDBC to connect to a database, but the database is a separate entity entirely on its own. Theoretically, you could have a C, C++, PERL, Java, or any language that knows how to communicate with that kind of database (you'll find that most do) that all communicate with that database, none of which are aware of each other.
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  • Davisty
    You would use the "create table" SQL syntax after connecting to the server via JDBC. And executing the java statements as you would with any other SQL statements.
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  • CoreyF
    Ithink you need to first define your need. How big will the DB be? How many tables? Is it possible to start with a test using Excel or Access to mimic what you want to store and retreive? If you need a large capacity, how large? Thousands or Millions of rows (records), or Megabytes, GigaBytes, TeraBytes. If small you might try MySQL and get a book called "The Weekend Crash Course for SQL". You'll discover whether you code in Java, C++, or COBOLeve, you'll use embedded SQL or SQL Stored Procedures to access your Relational Data. You can Create Tables, Views, or Temporary tables dynamicailly, but in 99% of the time, a database will have to have been first created. That par is easy, almost every vendor lets you simply say "Create DB MyDBname" and all the structures will be created for you, except your specific tables. You can certainly start small and build your knowledge with SQL and JAVA. In any case, you will need to learn a little SQL and call or embedd it in JAVA. JAVA and most databases come with the JAVA Libraries to address DATABASE Creation and Use. Native JAVA does not build or create database objects natively, unless you are writing your own Database Engine in JAVA. Good luck!
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  • Jacquie
    You haven't explained what you are actually trying to accomplish, or what kind of "tables" your data is in, but you may find help in IBM's Developerworks Java Technology. Check out The "top story" there today is "Java theory and practice: Make database queries without the database", which may or may not relate to your problem, but may at least point you in the right direction. The second reply gave you a link to the database drivers. You can use those to connect your Java program with an actual database, including Oracle or Access, if your are trying to load your data into one of them.
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