Email being spoofed; how do I fix this?

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My email is sending rouge emails to people randomly from my email address. I have not perscribed to any of these sites but I have friends that are receiving job offers, advice about sexual enhancement and these emails are going to my family and church memebers. How do I stop this its really bothering me. And people are reluctant to open emails from my address because of the nature of the emails I am not actually sending.

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It is very easy to SPOOF or FORGE the FROM: address on emails. It is like the return address on an envelope, you can write anything in that position. Your friends/family just need to be aware of this and delete any suspicious, unexpected messages. They should not even open the messages. They should increase the sensitivity of their spam filters if possible.

Once spammers have a valid address, they will continue to use it. If the forged messages bother you enough, I would recommend that you get a new email address and let all your contacts know to expect communications from the new email address ONLY and ignore messages from your old email.

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  • Bcpowell
    All of my email accounts, on my home PC, had this 'infection'. After cleaning the computer I changed all of the passwords. That took care of it. I found this solution much more convenient than getting new email addresses. Before all of that I warned everyone to wait until I had fixed the problem. Afterward I did and all is well.
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  • Triumpks
    Hello, WIth what did you "clean you computer with? I have Symantec Anti-virus -Windows Essentials - MalwareBytes - SpyBot Search & Destroy and this still happened to me. Never is 15 years have I had any problem like this. I will change my passwords - but would be interested in your cleaning process. Thanks in Advance - Tom
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  • Chippy088
    Rogue emails, i advise clients and small companies about this subject. This is a situation that is a grey area for many. I know from experience, and current spammer counter measures, that it is NOT a local problem that 'cleaning your computer' will cure. bcpowell could not have solved the problem by doing what he did. All he did was closed his account, but the spamers had an address they could still use as a spamming 'from' address. I can only stress that it is not on your computer, does not get solved by changing passwords or email addresses. Firstly, somehow your email address has been 'validated' by the spammers. This is done by a variety of ways, mostly by friends forwarding emails that offer funny jokes, nude pictures, support for cancer patients, soldiers, or 'send this back if you care' type of emails. when gets back to them they have a list of valid email addresses to send bogus offers to, and worse still, it's email addresses you will trust because you know the owner of the email address. I have a honey trap computer with a yahoo email address, which receives over 40 spam emails a day. Many of them come from my own email address. Yes, they are automated and not checked for give-aways, like me sending me a fantastic job offer. I must be good if I want to hire me. Once your email address is in the scammers database, expect to receive loads of complaints from friends who think these emails really come from you.
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  • TomLiotta
    Get IT help & support call on this toll free number...   How reliable can it be if you don't even spell-check your own home page and you can't purchase an ad? Using this forum for free ads doesn't make many friends for you.   Tom
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