Height limit for FM200 systems?

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FM-200 Fire Suppression Systems
Is there a height limit when installing an FM200 system. I have noted in my research that many have stated a 12 foot maximum ceiling height, but I am unable to determine if this is across the board.

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That 12 foot is per nozzle. If the room is higher than 12 feet another nozzle will be needed at a higher level. Siemens Sinorix System has a height of 16 feet per nozzle.

Bill Shearer
Suppression Specialist

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  • Dave mc
    The limit on hight to FM200 is important and as previously the solution can be multiple hight nozzles but this is often not acceptable so I would suggest looking at an alternative FE13 which is just as effective, is a lot cheaper even though slightly more volume is required, is a higher pressure gas for better distribution, acceptable for lot higher applications & low ones and can use all the acceptable CO2 bottles and piping systems, is an easer conversion from Halon (should be non of this stuff left) and is designed for higher more industrial application uses as a suppressant gas. It is fully approved for the data centre application and is just as effective as FM200 and much more acceptable than the other gas alternatives. I have no attachment with the suppliers and installers of this gas and first found it when we were looking for an alternative for the replacement of Halon in several large Banking data centre's in the late 90's we did not want to replace all the piping (Thicker wall Halon Piping) and FM200 would have to much condensation left in the piping. (half of the product left in the piping as liquid) We did not want to return to CO2 due to its dangers to people. I separately investigated and found the FE13 product used in separate applications out of the data centre field but when I asked if it was suitable I was told it was very suitable (I have manufactures and supplier written approval for our application) but is not available as an offering. Pissed off I pushed very hard to find the reason and it appease the suppliers have a commercial agreement to only supply FM200 in this application (commercial agreement not legal or legislation) unless FM200 was not suitable. Like your self we had a higher ceiling so I made the decision (the owner/customer) did not find FM200 suitable and as such the ability of the supplier to supply FM200 was not acceptable thus they could legally/contractually supply me with FE13. This has since been fitted to many sites in Aussy and has been proven to be effective in at least one major fire. Dave mc
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