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i have many time got heigh latency in network when i am ping toone router to other router, i am make a call for my service provider he said that problem in my network they did said one of node in my network doing broadcasting that why i am got hiegh latency ,please tell me how i solve this problem ,please reaply most also tell me how can i got that node who doing broadcasting in our network. thanks

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first check your network properly check through router who is broadcasting check any virus in your network check any switch may be given to brodcast check this thing if u wiil get whos client given broadcast just check his cable nic card etc.

Use Wireshark on a computer to detect network broadcasts. Run a 5 minute packet capture to see what station(s) could be causing the broadcast issues. I would not be totally convinced that broadcasts on your local LAN would be causing high latency between two networks across a network provider’s network since broadcasts should not cross between routed networks. So, it may be causing some issues on your local LAN but not across the link between local and remote routers. You can also use the pathping utility. pathping is an excellent troubleshooting utility to look at latency & packet loss along a path.

Usage: pathping [-g host-list] [-h maximum_hops] [-i address] [-n]
[-p period] [-q num_queries] [-w timeout] [-P] [-R] [-T]
[-4] [-6] target_name

-g host-list Loose source route along host-list.
-h maximum_hops Maximum number of hops to search for target.
-i address Use the specified source address.
-n Do not resolve addresses to hostnames.
-p period Wait period milliseconds between pings.
-q num_queries Number of queries per hop.
-w timeout Wait timeout milliseconds for each reply.
-P Test for RSVP PATH connectivity.
-R Test if each hop is RSVP aware.
-T Test connectivity to each hop with Layer-2 priority tags.
-4 Force using IPv4.
-6 Force using IPv6.

It’s not a GUI but it does give very valuable information within a single utility about the path between a source & destination.

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  • Bbb
    thanks but do have not any other free tool or command to solve this problem i have also not any exp with this software.
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  • Hairazi
    wireshark is the very simple to use. just configure the ethernet port on it and start the caputure. Once you get the output, you can identify the unwanted traffic or destined to broadcast address from one particular address. it will give you the mac address as well. Based on these addresses, you can identify the node location. other solution requires lots of complication in it. like you will have to run packet captures in each subenode area to identify the cuprit device. or the last solution would be in your dvice you should have protection fo DOS attacks where it disconnects the device which is seding unnecessary broadcast traffic
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  • Kevin Beaver
    I use and love OmniPeek for this kind of stuff. It's monitor mode" is perfect to help troubleshoot these kind of issues. You've got to pay for it but in this arena I've found you certainly get what you pay for.
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