Having 1 scan program except data from multiple scanners

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Not only want to be able to hook up multiple scanners to one workstation/PC but also want the green screen program that is accepting the input to be able to tell which scanner sent the data. That is I need to be able to tell that data came from scanner 1 or scanner x.

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Didn’t have a pgm for this app. so I wrote one.  Not sure how that can help.  The input from the scanner is via a USB Port.  The program doesn’t know the difference between the scanner and the keyboard.  What I need is to be able to assign each scanner a workstation id (@pmwkstn# in the pgm)


                            DSPSIZ(24 80 *DS3)  
                            CA03(03 ‘Exit’)     
R SCREEN01                                      
                        6 20’Enter Production#:’
  @WSPRD#        6Y 0B  6 40DSPATR(HI)          
                       24  4’F3=Exit’           

RPG Program

Feot0001d  CF   e             workstn               
 *  Work Fields                                     
D  @pmplt#        s              2                  
D  @pmlin#        s              3                  
D  @pmwkstn#      s              3    inz(‘001’)    
 *  Parms and Key List                              
C     *entry        plist                           
C                   parm                    @pmplt# 
C                   parm                    @pmlin# 
 *  Main Program                                    
C                   dou       *inlr = *on           
C                   clear                   @wsprd# 
C                   exfmt     screen01              
C                   select                          
C                   when      *in03 = *on           
C                   eval      *inlr = *on           
C                   when      @wsprd# > *zero       
C                   call      ‘PGMXYZ’              
C                   parm                    @pmplt# 

C                   parm                    @pmlin#  
C                   parm                    @wsprd#  
C                   parm                    @pmwkstn#
C                   endsl                            
C                   enddo                            



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  • TomLiotta
    Please show us the program code that currently tells your AS/400 the scanner identifier now. We can help you modify it for multiple scanners if we see the code. -- Tom
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  • philpl1jb
    I don't see how you get to what you want from where you're at.   Client Access doesn't know which input device provided the input.    Generally it's one pc type device, one session and one bar code scanner per person   Perhaps your scanner can send it's identiy as part of the code through some set-up of the scanner. Phil
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  • poorboy01
    I have another app. that is doing so thru a PC program that configures the scanners to a com. port.  Problem is that I have a lack of PC resource right now our parent company has absorbed them to work on one of their projects.  It will be over a year before I get them back.  I was hoping there was some way I could read the com. ports thru an AS/400 program.  Other posibility I hadn't thought of was philpl1jb's idea of getting with the scanner manufactor and seeing how/if I can configure the scanner so that it sends an ID with the scanned data.
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