Have you tried Microsoft Security Essentials?

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Microsoft Security Essentials was released last week -- have you tested it? Are you planning on implementing it? If not, what antivirus/antimalware package do you use?

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Doubtful for our organization. We use Symantec Endpoint Protection And Symantec Antivirus depending on the version of the OS.

It’s not an enterprise ready tool like their Forefront security suite is. I would only use it as a backup to our primary AV (McAfee). I already use the Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool (MRT) in this fashion. It has come in useful in removing some previously undetected infections.


benchmark anti-virus product august 2009 last comparative for the good detection/protection was
1st place go to G Data
2nd place to Avira and they give free protection for a basic protection.
3rd place is McAfee
then the 4th place is symantec — Norton
Microsoft is Number 14 on good detection/protection :)).

By the way I’m using antivirus Avira, antimalware I use SuperAntiSpyware for free and I protect my rootkit with threatFire also for free ;).

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  • Kevin Beaver
    I haven't but I may try it out...I've yet to find a good security suite I'm happy with. You'd think this late in the game the vendors would have the functionality, usability, and performance issues resolved by now. I've yet to see any clients using it and I suspect that most people with stay with what they know and have already paid for.
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  • Yasir Irfan
    I did tried my self, it looked some what similar to defender, seems to be a good product for individuals are home users surely not for enterprise level. The more I use I can come out with more comments.
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  • Coop
    I have tried in on a couple of computers. So far its a very fast and low profile solution. My biggest issue, is trusting Microsoft for security on the products they initially developed the security problems with in the first place. It's a bit like asking the thief to guard the jewels. I do lots and lots of computer cleanup. That is fixing computers after they have become infected. I have tested many many antivirus solutions for the enterprise as well as stand alone desktops. I can tell you there is NO single good solution. I use AVG antivirus on my main network. It was the best bang for the buck when I purchased. I tested Vipre - it wanted computer restarted every other day, annoying. Norton and Mcafee are big, use lots of computer resources, I do not use them and delete them off computers. I have found that the biggest threat right now are user activated Trojans. These are becoming to be called Scareware. The problem with these is the user authorizes the install. NO anti virus or anti spam program will block these. One on the computer these things are very hard to stop. Look at this article http://blogs.zdnet.com/security/?p=4297 I have found that protecting users from Malware is impossible. I have had people uninstall the antivirus/antispyware software, because it was blocking a web site. They uninstall the software then go to the site being blocked, then infect the computer! Then of course come crying to me, because the computer is no longer working correctly. (NO, I cannot block admin access on a persons personal computer!, wish I could!) But if you have smart users, or wish to protect yourself I recommend the following Use a security product that has web site protection, like AVG. Avast, even Norton or Mcafee Use firefox for browsing. Get the NO-script add-on and learn to use it. The NO script add-on is annoying. But it prevents scripts from running without your approval. You can even view the script before authorizing it. If you know a bit about programming, you can spot nasty scripts. Unfortunately teaching most people how to use it, is impossible. Learn how to remove malware after you get it.
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  • L0ckert3ch
    I prefer ESET NOD32 or ESET Smart Security 4. In my personal and professional opinion, it's the best there is for Windows.
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  • IronHedge
    I believe its better than any security software out there I have all 3 on my machine and Microsoft Security Essentuals not to mention being free comes out on top, shame about the not being able to detect username and password behind a proxy but other from that simply the best so far.
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  • jinteik
    at my side we are using Symantec Endpoint Protection and McAfee
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  • jinteik
    I decided to use Microsoft Security Essentials on some of the pc's in office and so far it work fine and it is free. so far it is working fine for me just to share that there was a pc in office that had some problems and it was due to malware and using mcafee security suit, i could not find the virus. so i decided to to remove and install Microsoft Security Essentials and update it and it could fine the malware that was not able to be pickup by mcafee
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