Has my phone been hacked?

Mobile security
Okay. I am not what you would call a "techy" at all. In all reality I am actually not that phone smart. I know the basics pretty much with just a very few secrets here & there but honestly not much! I have recently had all kinds of problems with my phone, it's an iPhone 6 Plus. I have suspected several months back my husband had hacked it but couldn't prove it. I actually have nothing to hide but that's beside the point. I however feel betrayed if he has done this because he in return would have a secret & always tried making me think I was stupid & completely crazy even thinking my phone was hacked at all! I eventually decided to back it up & reset it which I hate doing in fear and f losing photos & stuff. I did manage to retrieve a lot of photos but not some in other apps! (Lol) The problems quit for awhile. No w their back & even worse. My settings say 1 thing & phone is doing the opposite. I even actually heard the "hackers" yesterday, or whoever is in charge of download or app or whatever it is.... it was two foreigners talking in their language typing away nothing was even on nothing I videoed it this all blows my mind I NEED HELP! I then searched my husbands phone & saw in "running" iBoot 2. something decided to google it & it says it's an exploit to jailbreak certain devices for life would he have downloaded that for his own purposes or does it have anything to do with my phone how can I fix my phone I need help desperately thanks so much!

Software/Hardware used:
Newest apple software 10. Whatever

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I believe a cell phone can be hacked. 

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  • Subhendu Sen
    The story is long and sometimes it is not understandable. However, what understood that your iPhone is hacked/will be hacked by your nearby person(s). May be I understood wrong, but for safety of your phone/ data, you have to change all necessary passwords and instead of passwords, you can take help of TouchID which is a wonderful feature of iPhone. This is more secured and without your accurate finger impressions hopefully no one can hack your mobile.
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  • carlosdl
    I didn't completely understand what you wrote, especially the part about "hearing" the hackers.

    There's not much we can suggest without knowing exactly what happened or how the phone is behaving.

    I don't think someone would hack your phone from another phone. It would be easier to do it from a computer.

    If you think your husband could do that, don't leave your device where he can use it, and make sure to use passwords he doesn't know for any kind of account you use.
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  • ToddN2000
    You need to be very careful when downloading apps. Some apps are looking for permissions they really don't need and can open you up to a hack or virus. Do not blindly click to load it so you can use it, it may cause you headaches down the road. I have had a simple game app ask for permission to my pictures, address book and other things they have no business in, so I decline and look for something else.
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  • Jaideep Khanduja
    It's fairly difficult to hack an iPhone.
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