Has my Facebook Messenger been hacked?

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Someone sent me a deleted video they accessed through messenger and threatened to suggest it was illegal unless I passed the message on to the person in the video. I blocked person and deleted message, changed password and logged out of all devices. Why wouldn't they just go straight to the person in the video if they had his full name? Is this something I need to be worried about? Do they actually have any power to do anything? I didn't take a screenshot of the message unfortunately but have reported it to FB.

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If you use passwords with things like birthdays, 
anniversaries or other special significance they 
make it easier for people to crack. The same goes 
for the names of family members, pets, ex’s or the 
type of car you drive or favorite vacation spots. 

Too many people use these because they are easy to remember. 
The problem is if you post anything to social media on those 
dates or photos tagged with thet name it’s even easier to 
crack your password. You should be using a password of at 
least 8 to 10 characters and use mixed case, upper and lower 
and even use a few special characters. Each special char and 
extra char use in the password makes it exponentialy tougher 
to crack.

You should also never use the same password on multiple sites. 
If someone does get into an account, say your email, they can 
go to other site of yours and ask for a password reset. 

It then gets sent to that email address and they can change it 
and lock you out of you accounts or worse. It’s scary to think 
but it happens. It gets worse the more we use different 
social media accounts and expose personal information. 

If you feel you have been hacked, run some anti virus software.
Then change all of you password accounts.

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  • Subhendu Sen
    Already you have reported to FB. So why are you worried? After changing passwords etc. is there any malfunction that you seen? If no, so just ignore it. If you are anxious, you can stop doing Facebook or messenger for some days and just watch. If there is no harmful activity, you can again start your social networking. Hope you changed passwords etc, with more complex ones.
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  • AB1234ui
    No nothing has happened since and this occurred two days ago. Thank you for your response, helped to put my mind at rest and you're right think it might be time to take a break from social media! And yes I changed password to more complex and upped privacy and security.
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  • Subhendu Sen
    Also keep in mind that, always update Facebook as well as messenger. Generally every update social media increases security measures for protecting users account. So always update whenever it is available. Also no anti virus is necessary for any kind of smart phone either it is based on Android/iOS or Windows.
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