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my hard dive could not format during windows installation andthe feedback was that windows could not acces this drive pls help me solve it

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At vert first, try to invoke BIOS, and observe that, if the HDD is shown there! Generally it is under IDE Devices tag (but may vary different computer model). Basically, it auto detects the HDD. but sometimes, it may be done by manual detection. If u don’t see the HDD either auto / manual detection, then most probably, the HDD is damaged or bad sectors r there. That may cause I/O error.
Another way, it might be that, there is a MBR problem. If MBR is corrupted, then following messages encounter…. “Error loading operating system” or “Missing operating system” or
“Invalid partition table”. Then if possible, insert Windows’98 CD (I recommended 98, because, it works fine, but it doesn’t mean that, u can’t fix mbr with windows xp / vista/ 7 cd/dvd) and follow the steps…. Go to command prompt by pressing CD support with command prompt.
Enter the command “fdisk /mbr” without quotes when the disk has loaded. It has loaded when the system displays the text “A:>.” This command will reconstruct the Master Boot Record.
Restart computer and again check if the BIOS recognizes the HDD.
If all of the above not work, then detach the HDD and try to attach with another XP computer and see if XP recognizes it or not. If XP does not identifies the HDD, then I am pretty sure, the HDD is gone.
I was experienced the same problems, that, even BIOS identifies HDD but OS refused to load on it. I have tested both on Windows 98, XP, 7, vista and Linux OS. All were refused to load OS, while the BIOS identifies my HDD. Later I discovered that, there was an I/O error.

Hope it may help u !

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  • carlosdl
    You will need to provide more details. At least, you should include the exact error message, the windows version you are trying to install and some details about the machine you are trying to do this on.
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  • Ladomuki
    Boot to recovery console and try a chkdsk /r. thats the only thing that will help you eliminate bad sectors. It takes time to complete. make sure you run chkdsk /r till the time it shows no error.
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  • jinteik
    If you have another PC, try slotting that hard disk as slave and if there is no need to do backup for any files then try to just format it thru windows mode...
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  • geek squad replaced my hard drive and acer doesn’t have the recovery disk i need. what do i do? | hard drive recovery
    [...] Hard disk problem when installing Windows [...]
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  • Markempee
    If you believe that your computer has a hard disk drive failure, it is very important to test the hard disk to another computer system. If you found it really failed, you have no other option but to change your hard disk drive for a new one.
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  • PeterJurczyk28
    may you need to check bad sectors for the hard drive. It's very possible that the drive gets physical problems like bad sectors since it can't be formatted. in that case, you need to change a new dirve for your PC. http://www.eassos.com/how-to/windows-detected-a-hard-disk-problem.php
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  • ToddN2000
    I know this is an old post. First thing to check would be the drive connections to make sure nothing came lose. The see if it's accessible via a DOS prompt. Then look for the bad sectors and try the other methods mentioned.
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  • Kevin Beaver
    It's quite likely a failed (or failing) drive.
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