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My hard-disk is not getting detected.. Day before it was, I just removed the ram & from that moment itself, everything's stopped working.!! Mine is a 915gm motherboard with IDE Hard-disk connection.. When I tried it connect with some other IDE cable it did not take, and when I checked it with a Sata connection, hard-disk kinda worked.. What could be the problem.. How can I temporarily solve the problem?? Has my hard-disk crashed completely, even though it was working just a day before :P Plzz help

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If your hard disk drive is not detected by your computer or operating system, you should check all the connections which might affect the transfer of data to and from your hard disk drive. Also, make sure that your hard disk drive is really working.

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  • Robert2010
    More information would be great. I hope you backed everything up...
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  • Christinal
    Yes my power cable is working fine.. And in my bios my HD isn't being detected.. My ORG HD has a IDE connection, but my motherboard has 1 IDE & 4 sata slots.. When my HD wasn't being detected, I connected one of my friends sata HD which got connected.. This is the error getting displayed on the screen - Disk Boot failure, restart again(something like that).. Please suggest me some solutions....!!
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  • jinteik
    pls correct me, when u plug in a sata also cannot work? how about moving the sata slots? is your configuration correct inside the bios? can you test your IDE hdd on another computer?
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  • Christinal
    yes, I can chk it on another computer.. I don't know about the moving sata slots.. No, the sata HDD did work..! yes, the configuration according to me is correct in the Bios.. But still it isn't detected in BIOS. :(
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  • Rakei
    I have come across with that same issues..I jus t had to replaced the IDE Cable to a newer one and it worked... three options i would suggest that might be worth checking.. 1 -IDE Cable faulty(test with new cable) 2 -HDD faulty (try another IDE HDD and do a fressh O.S install) 3 -IDE slot via mainboard faulty (MoBo issue)
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  • Chippy088
    After trying the steps Rakei suggested, and they don't work try this. If you can use a SATA drive, and boot from it, can it read the IDE drive? (Don't forget to change the IDE disk jumpers to make it a slave.) If it can't see the IDE, then the drive is more than likely unrecoverable. If it is readable, try going into the bios setup and do a refresh of the drives. You should see the SATA, and it might recognise the IDE. If it does, disconnect the SATA, change the jumpers back to master and reboot. That might do the trick. If the bios doesn't recognise the IDE and only the SATA drive, I think you have to accept that it is dead.
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