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I have a major problem,,i have a harddisk that stopped working,it's not being detected in the BIOS or anywhere,and i really need the data inside,so how can i fix it if its possible?? or at least how can i make it work jus for at least one more time in order to be able to take out the data i need from it. thanks

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First, you have to determine if your hard disk drive failed to function by installing it to another compatible computer system. If you found that it has a problem, you have no option to recover the data inside that failed hard disk drive.

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  • Denny Cherry
    If you send the drive to a data recovery company they will charge you a lot for the work. Typically they charge per Meg of data recovered, so be sure to get a couple of quotes before selecting a company. This is why people need to backup their data.
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  • KyleFreeman
    Dwiebesick is correct that if your BIOS can no longer see the drive, you can't do much about it other than a data recovery company. There are two things you can try before going that very expensive route, both long shots but they don't cost you anything but another round of disappointment. Hard drives die for many reasons, but sometimes a hard drive may quit working because one or more of the magnetic arms gets stuck to a level above or below it. Sometimes those arms can be shaken or pulled loose by either striking the center of the circle in the middle of the drive with a small hammer two or three times, and then putting it back in the computer. I've had this work on a drive that seemed completely dead. The other way to pull a stuck magnetic arm is to put the hard drive in the freezer. The theory is that the cold makes everything contract, which could pull the stuck magnetic arm away from whatever it's stuck to. I've tried this several times, but never had it work. Still, neither of these attempts at reclamation do any further damage to the hard drive that affects how a data recovery company gets the data off the disks. Kyle Freeman
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  • mastaash
    mmmm,,thanks for the help guys.. the thing is i am working in a company and i'm in their networking and maintenance department,,we keep telling everyone to alwaaays back up their data,,but no one cares about it untill such things happens!!..... now we've tried evryyyything we can (from data recovery softwares to freezer theories,,lol) for the past few days and nothing seemed to work,,, i had informed my superiors before that this problem can only be fixed by such data recovery companies,,but they were saying that if we are gona get a company to fix it ,,then why the hell do we have u guys on such department:S,,,,the problem is evryone thinks that if ur in the IT field,,then u should know anyyyything related to whatever has to do with computers:S,, anyways thanks again guys for the help:)
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  • Kevin Beaver
    Have you tried putting the drive in another compute or external drive enclosure?
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  • Dwiebesick
    It is truly sad that there are people like that. That being the case, try relating to them on a level that they can relate: Use the analogy of a doctor; if they needed brain surgery I think that they would prefer a specialist in that field and not a podiatrist. You are a generalist (maybe specialized in certain areas) while a data recovery company specializes in and are experts at their task, recovering data. To recover data on a drive that is not detected by BIOS, you usually have a failed circuit board. IF you had an exact model, including firmware version, you could try replacing the card. HOWEVER, if the card was fried because of some failure within the drive, you would just ruin your replacement card. Data recovery companies have clean rooms where they will disassemble the drive, inspect and test the components. If required, they have the skills to manually manipulate the drive read/write head while watching the read output on an o-scope, interpreting the display, distinguishing the head, track, sector information and then placing the data portion into a usable format.
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  • Moto
    this suggestion is not a joke. it has been proven to work. put the drive in an anti-static bag and then put it in the freezer. the longer its in the freezer the better. at least 24 hours. then connect the drive cold and fire it up. we were able to recover some data from a failed hard drive by this method.
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  • Dollar
    have you connect this drive with other hard disk.? it will work if you put this on slave and other in masters(in which the os is running). hope it will work.
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