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How can I find out for sure that my computer is being hacked into? I have very good reason to believe that is what is happening. Some people who have no axcess to my e-mail know things that only the person I sent it to should know. I suspect someone who might have a motive?

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Install ZoneAlarm Firewall and it will show you all connections with ports to and from your computer. Good way to find out quickly.

Keep in mind also that the person you sent the email to may have given others delegate rights to view their mailbox. You would have no knowledge they had done so and you have no control as to whether they do this or not.

As well as the person you sent the e-mail, there is the whole gambit of any administrators of systems such as e-mail and workstations who could potentially obtain your message.

You should encrypt sensitive information to lesson the chances of disclosure. If you have an real need to manage information disclosure, you could implement some type of rights management to manage information dissemination (understand that this is a complex and ongoing task done correctly).

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  • Kevin Beaver
    Other things to tip you off are slowness, unresponsiveness, hard drive and network lights on constantly, and other erratic behavior.
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  • Theslowlotus
    Do not understand it at all
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  • Lord Voldemort
    It may not be your computer, but the person you sent it to. You weren't specific on the information that's being passed around, but keep in mind that there is alot of information out there already on most everybody. Just do a Google search on yourself and see what comes up. It can really be enlightening at times. Pjb0222 is right on the other targets. At a minimum you should have Windows Firewall turned on and Windows patches up to date, as well as an up-to-date anti-virus package.
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  • Mskathy
    I nee to know how you can tell if my computer has been tampered with by a friend of my daughter Thank you,
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  • LinuxCiscoman
    I think we are jumping too far into the security bandwagon.  I know this is an old thread but lets look at the facts. 

    First of all, are we assuming that this is a corp. exchange environment?  Could this be webmail perhaps?  I would find it much more likely that your "Gmail" account be compromised before a corporate mail account would be unless you have a naughty exchange admin.  I think the point that jumped out at me here is that system identification would allow root analysis which would either rule out the computer itself OR some arbitrary online account. 

    Just my two cents.  Check over your shoulder and make sure your password isn't on a sticky note under your keyboard before you drop 10k on a new firewall :)
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