Who hacked my phone?

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How can I find out who hacked my phone?

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If someone did hack your phone you may never find out like most people. The average user does not have the proper tools or knowledge to trace the hack. You would need to go to local law enforcement and that may be a futile task anyways. With this becoming a more common issue, law enforcement does not have the resources to handle every case that occurs. Unless you are getting threats they wont consider this a top priority. Check with them to see how you should proceed. Make sure you reset ALL passwords from a clean device like a PC to prevent further breaches of your phone. What symptoms are you having that make you think you have been hacked?

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  • Subhendu Sen
    How did you know that, your phone hacked? Are there symptoms? If yes, what they are. Until you install a good utility like tracker etc. this is not possible to trace the person who hacked your phone. However this is time wasting job, because you don't have man power/ improved tracker that can help you to catch the culprit. First take all necessary backups of your phone as early as possible. Then report to your local administrator/police and they can help you regarding this matter.
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  • carlosdl
    It would be very hard or most likely impossible for you determine how did it (provided it actually happened) from the technical point of view.

    In most cases, the offender is a friend, boyfriend/girlfriend, or ex, or even family members, who have access to a lot of information about you, so probably the most promising method of knowing who was would be thinking and analyzing the knowledge that would be needed in order to access your accounts, to try to figure out who could have done it.

    As already suggested, change all of your passwords from a device that you are absolute sure is not compromised, and don't use things like names, dates, or other kinds of information that would be known by other people.
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  • TheRealRaven
    You can't find out. It might be technically possible to find out, but it would almost certainly require multiple court orders to obtain info and assistance from your and probably another service provider. Time and expense would likely be far beyond what your willing (and probably able) to invest.

    You'd have to start with clear evidence that any hacking at all was done. Since it probably didn't happen, going to a qualified professional to analyze for evidence is probably a waste of time/effort at the start.

    Most issues that people think indicate a 'hacked' phone are completely unrelated to 'hacking'.
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