Guidance/process for updating or changes data in production.

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Change management
Data production
Hi folks, I am looking for some best practices in change management which can implemented to perform the changes to the data in production. May be code changes to changes to actual data. I appreciate if you can share some process, guidelines or any thoughts on this. Regard, RM

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It is difficult to just give you a specific answer to this are there are variables to consider. Also, do you have any documentation/standards in place today?

Here is a link to a web site that will step you through a tutorial on change management.

As you get furthur along in the process. please come back and ask more specific questions.


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  • RMysari
    Thanks for your reply.We dont have any policy inplace as such in place now. I am looking specific to the changes to the production DB. How a change is performed to the prod DB using the change management best practices ??
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  • TomLiotta
    There are at least three different kinds of "changes" that can apply to a database. Different types of databases might handle the three types of changes in very different ways.   We need to know what DBMS is involved, and what kind of "change" you're asking about. The DBMS might be Microsoft's SQL SERVER, or IBM's DB2, or Oracle, or any of a number of others. The version of the DBMS and the platform that it's installed on would be helpful.   The "change" might be to data records stored in the database. Or it might be to the structure of the database, e.g., adding new tables, changing column data types or changing referential constraints. Or it might be changing ownership or authority attributes.   Other ITKE members might have additional ways of looking at your question.   But the question needs to be better described. We don't know how to answer without creating a whole course in database and database management concepts.   Tom
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  • carlosdl
    Yes, much more details are needed.  In Oracle, for example, there's a feature called Edition-Based Redefinition, which could be helpful, but without knowing what you want to do, the systems involved, the policies in place, etc,  there's not much we can suggest.
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  • philpl1jb
    Various change management systems can be purchased to manage program and perhaps data structure changes.   A testing and approval process should be documented and enforced with documentation on every move.   Different people at different levels should test and approve all moves.   Methods for emergency changes should be documented.   Phil
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