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Hello Lisa, Hope you are doing fine. Actually I had problem at my client place. The Internet is configure at server whos having two NIC Card, one for internet n other for Internal Network. Cleint getting internet connection through proxy. Now we included one Access Point to expand the network at different department, so that International Cleints, Mobile Users and Guest want to access Internet Connection with in specific range. Unfortunately that Access Point doesnt have DHCP Service. So how could I provide Internet COnnection to Cleint, Guest who Visit. Its Urgent!!! I awaiting for postive response. Thanks Q. Shiraz.

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You are using 2 NICs with the server doing routing, providing DHCP internally and proxy to the internet connection. Excellent! You added an access point but it doesn’t do DHCP. And the USERS (in this case visitors & guests) want Internet. You were not exactly clear who the WAP was for. You have three choices –
1st setup a small Linux box with three NICs between the server and the internet. NIC 1 to the internet, NIC 2 to the server thru firewall, NIC 3 to the WAP with DHCP service for private addresses. This put the WAP and your visitors in the DMZ (DeMilitarized Zone) outside your network but with Internet access. 2nd setup a system inside the network as ‘Internet Cafe’ and put the WAP on that machine (once again requires two NICs). 3rd and least expensive – Upgrade the WAP to a proper router/switch with DHCP service. Good luck.

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  • Aftabn
    check if you can ping the access point from a computer on the wired network if it works then check if you assign an IP to a wireless client manually and they are pingable then set up a DHCP server on the wired network and you should be good to go. hope this helps Aftab
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  • Larrythethird
    As usual, Howard2nd is giving very good advise. One major question is how secure you want the corporate side of this setup. Using one system to do all of the routing exposes your internal data to war drivers and any hacker type of visitor. A DMZ is an absolute must. In a secure network, one system would interface with the corporate network and the internet. This should be a secure firewall/router/(and possibly a)NAT system. The visitor network should NEVER have access to the corporate network.
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  • ByteKnight
    Hello, I don't know what OS your running, but if Windows or Linux is being used you may want to just add a DHCP service to the box and point it to the inside NIC. That seems to be the only request I see in your question (No Cost Solution). My suggestion is upgrade to a PIX firewall solution and let hardware handle your firewall needs, and place the Wireless AP on the DMZ port of the firewall (if you don?t want clients gaining access to the corporate network) with DHCP enabled (Higher expense but better solution). I don?t know what model of Wireless AP you have so I don?t know if it uses some weird IP range that is routed in some way, I would first use the tech support for the Wireless AP and get a suggestion that works best. Regards, BK
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