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My Company just migrated all their users to Global Email, meaning that all email account are no more locally but connected to one domain. When setting them up, I used POP as the email server type, so all the mails are downloaded from the server to the local system. Because no backup is done, if the user's system crashes all his mails will be wiped off. Now we are looking for a way that the emails will automatically be backed up into a server instead of the users doing it manually anytime a mail comes in, because most of them can forget to do it. Please help. Thanks.

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As the email is stored on the users workstation and not on a server you will need to get some sort of backup utility installed on all the users workstations which will allow you to backup the users machines, probably to a server in your office.

If that isn’t going to work you can look to getting an Exchange server for your office which will hold all the email on the server, then if the users workstation crashes all the email will still be saved. This is a pricy option as the license cost of Exchange server is fairly high.

You can also considder leaving a few days worth of email on the POP3 server so that if the workstation does crash they can recover at least a couple of days worth of email.

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If you wish to go down the road of workstaton backups:
Workstation Backups: See Here Desktop Version

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I had a similar issue and the road we decided to go down was to install a firewall with archive abilities. We selected a Fortinet Fortigate firewall. The firewall archives all inbound and outbound emails and website URL’s and Instant Messenger logs. They also offer a product called the Fortilog that gives you long-term storage of all of this information of up to a year or more depending on traffic loads. We now use the data for recovery needs and forensic evidence when needed.

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another product you can look into is North Seas, it is a small switch that links in between your network and the exchange server and does the same as the Fortinet Fortigate, (though I am not sure about the instant messaging backup). It will auto backup all emails in and out of your exchange system even before they hit the inboxes. so someone cannot receive an email then delete it before backups run so there is no trace. It backs up the email before it hits the exchange server so they can’t delete all traces.

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    I have the same problem. Our email is hosted on the web and the users use Outlook to access their email. Adding an exchange server is very expensive and might not be feasible. I have researched and have not found any Outlook backup software that will backup the PST files without user intervention. I researched and tested about a dozen different products and asked their tech support if there was a way to do it without user involvement and was told no. What I did was create a batch file that backs up the users PST file to their home folder on the server and set it up as a logoff script through group GP. It is still in the testing phase but it appears to be working fine.
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