gigabit network very slow

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Gigabit network adapters
Network speed
Windows Server 2008
I have a very slow network connection to server. So slow i can not even transfer a gig of information. The network itself is fast to other workstations, network usage is minimal right now but we will soon go live and this server needs to be faster. i have so far Disable recieve-side scaling Disable chimney offload state Disable receive window auto tuning Disable offloading in the network adapter properties Disable IPv6 in the network adapter

Software/Hardware used:
Windows 2008 server, gigabit network card

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also firewall is completely disabled

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Tcpip\Parameters. Add a new DWORD value named DisableTaskOffload and set it to 1.

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  • Dwiebesick
    Do you have the capabilities of checking your LAN wire and certify that it meets Cat5e or Cat6 specifications for that workstation location? Or can you move this workstation to a known fast connection workstation location? Have you updated this workstation’s NIC drivers? What is the NIC manufacture and what is the exact version of the current driver? What is your workstation make/model? More details may help identify more suggestion.
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  • Smokesman
    Well i did at first think it was the connection, but the server is right next to the same switch the rest of the network is on and its fast. I changed the cable anyway but no change. I actually tried to transfer a 1 gig folder to a differant folder on the server and still it was way too slow. I spend a week tweaking the tcp and the nic cards, no change. Obviously its not the network if it is slow internally. I figured it must be the raid set up. 6 1tb drives on one card with one Raid5 set and two volumes, one for OS and one for Data I ended up reloading the server and set up 2 raid sets one with 2 drives mirroring giving me 1tb for the OS. Another RAID5 with the rest of the 4 1tb drives giving me 3tb for data. i am still waiting for the raid 5 to initialize, 18 hours so far and we are at 70%, but the OS is up and running and it seems to have a much quicker transfer rate, 3.5 gigs in an estimated 5 mins, but quicker actually, onto the c drive.
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  • Denny Cherry
    Well RAID 5 isn't good for writing large amounts of information, as it has to calculate parity for each block of data which is written (usually blocks are every 64k of data). If you have an application which has high write IO requirements then you'll probably want to change the RAID 5 to RAID 10 so that there is no write penalty.
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