Ghost 2003 made PC inaccessible. Anyone know why?

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after installing an preparing ghost to make an image, it created a virtual partition and rebooted. However, when the boot menu comes up where you can select either the ghost boot or windows boot, neither option is successful. The ghost option boots, but networking is not functional (wrong driver maybe?) I type GHREBOOT as instructed, to reboot and enter windows, but it just hangs. If i select the windows boot option, it just hangs. Can anyone tell me why and if there's a fix? I don't want this to happen on my laptop, but i need to make an image of it before replacing the harddrive. Thanks, JP

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A – Can the ‘Windows’ boot get to safe mode?

B – Were you trying to save your image to a network drive?

C – Which version of ‘Windows’ are you using?

I use ‘Ghost to clone systems every week, some new and some retorations. I have only ‘installed’ ghost once in two years, because I just boot the ‘CD’ after attaching the slave drive. Which loads a ‘dos’ image with CD drivers so I can access the disc, switch to the support folder, run Gdisk to make sure I see the hard drives (and know which is which) and then run ‘Ghost’.
The one install is on the Director’s laptop which has an image on the network, and two partitions on the hard drive. A small one to ‘boot’ Ghost and get network, and the majority to restore for normal operations. and it took three tries to get everything working smoothly. If he lets anyone use the laptop, I re-image it when it comes back.
I think Ghost may have editied your ‘boot.ini’ file in prep for the image process. Then on restart the ‘Virtual’ partition received a drive letter and now your regular hard drive is no longer ‘C:’ which would hang the boot process every time. If ‘boot.ini’ is looking to the wrong drive for the operating system it will never start.

Hope this gives you a place to start, Good Luck.

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  • MaineIT
    What is your OS? Check your Ghost setup parameters; mine did not require a separate partition be made for Ghost. Also; check your software! When I purchased Ghost, both version 9.0 and 2003 CDs were included in the box, and they were not well marked. Ghost 2003 does not support networking, only 9.0 does. Another case of RTM. Hope that helps.
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  • Joelsplace
    The version of Ghost that comes with Systemworks 2003 Pro supports networking. The problem may be with the small partition Ghost makes at the beginning of the drive when it wants to reboot and clone a drive. Symantec has a utility on their site to remove the partition and set the original one active again. It's a pain but at least they have a fix. I had the problem on a Sony laptop that I was attempting to copy.
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  • ScottishWarrior
    We use Ghost quite a bit. I found if you create a partition on the hard drive BEFORE running Ghost it works better. Also boot up with the floppy (Ghost takes two disks) Create the image onto the partition (may have to enable spanning). Then reboot again with Ghost floppy and restore. Hope this helps! Cheers!
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  • Maclanachu
    I had this happen to me too I think. I had to use partition Magic to nuke the ghost partiton and make my old one active again. Could also try using FDISK if ur feeling brave. Ghost has buggered up you boot process, may need to edit the boot.ini if u can too. I think my PC may need a re-install as every time I cold boot it doesn't see my IDE drive (the C drive is SATA raid) but if I 3 finger salute it it finds it in the BIOS then. Or at least scratch and re-build the IDE D drive. Good luck
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