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I have a Gateway 700x It got a virus and I have been trying to reload Windows XP Pro back onto the hard drive. I keep running into the same issue, everytime I try to load it stops coping files. I have downloaded an updated the bios, but the problem is is going on. I have changed drives and it continues to do the same thing. Does anyone have any ideas on how to resolve this problem. Thanks Brian

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First, what virus did you find on your system? Although the fact that a virus was found and now you are encountering issues re-loading your OS may be related, this may also be purely coincidental.
Next, when you state that “it stops copying files”, where does this halt take place (at what point in the installation does it fail)? Does it fail/stop/hang at the same point every time? Are you receiving an error message or STOP screen (blue screen)? If you are blue screening, what is the STOP error (including the 0x00 code)?
It is possible that your installation media may be bad (CD’s and DVD’s do eventually fail…): have you tried a different installation source?
You state that you have tried a different drive: I assume (what a nasty word) that you mean hard drive? Please clarify… If you’ve tried a different hard drive, was it a new drive, a known good used drive (tested / no issues found) or just another drive you have available?
The failure may also be related to memory: what type of RAM is in your system. Gateway made two versions of the 700X: one used DDR memory and the other used RDRAM. If possible try swapping memory modules. If you have RDRAM, try switching the modules around (put the module in slot 0 into slot 1 and the one in slot 1 into slot 0).
Clean out your system (blow out the dust) and make sure that any and all cooling fans (case, CPU and Power Supply) are operational: this symptom may be caused by over temp. conditions
Keep us posted….

This happen to me not too long ago and it happen to be the media I was using.

Check your XP pro disk for scratches smudges etc.etc.

Is it a real copy of XP or is it a burned copy?

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  • Schmidtw
    There is a possibility that the operating system is completing a validation in the background. If the software checks the service tag, s/n, or MAC address of install, and stop installation because of that. Different ISO's have different validation techniques and timings.
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