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I have been working with AS/400 for the past 4 years. I know that IBM is shutting down its support for V5R4 now, and also that V7R1 is going to be the last version of OS that a power5 box can have. I think most of the customers may not be upgrading to a new physical box, I'm not sure but I think in the current market they have alternatives available for less budget. What is the future of AS/400 (iSeries) administration and support if you consider for upcoming years? How long we can expect this in the market?

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This must be a Troll ?


There is no AS/400 – it went away years ago.  Power Systems – that run Watson, mars rovers and suchlike, now provide the computing power for the IBM i operating system.  IBM i is capable of being ‘extremely’ secure, and of managing enormous workloads, in character and GUI persona.  Studies and comparisons all still show that the total cost of ownership of IBM i on Power is way, way lower than, say, a forest of x86 servers. This alone, without the resurgence of capability of the OS, is enough to convince customers to install them. 

I suggest the OP reads up on the current manuals, and he/she will find plenty of employment.


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  • CharlieBrowne
    This question has been asked over and over during the past 25 years. The only think left of the original "AS400" is it's name. I believe IBM will continue to invest in this architecture. What it will look like in 25 years, I have no idea. I I believe it will still be our "AS400"
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  • Splat
    With apologies to Mr. Clemens, the reports of the system's demise have been greatly exaggerated.
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  • RegnadKcin57
      The AS/400 and iSeries [and System i which was consolidated, over time, with System p, into Power Systems] were physical systems.  Those systems are no longer being produced.  The newer and the current hardware on which the IBM i OS {its predecessors being OS/400 and i5/OS} will run, are the IBM Power Systems; see: ibm.com/power

      Thus the future of administration of the hardware will be limited to the Power Systems server form-factors being offered, along with their available type(s) of storage, with varying levels of virtualization; e.g. somewhat traditional server models, blades, PureFlex, and ??.

      The IBM i and any descendants should be around, presumably, for quite some time.  Thus administration of the OS [and its integrated DB2 for i database] should be too.  See ibm.com/power/software/i as well as search the web for keywords like roadmap, strategy, timeline with regard to the IBM i; e.g. to find the IBM i Strategy and Roadmap document at ibm.com/power/software.i/strategy.html
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  • CharlieBrowne
    Future of AS400?
    Take a look at today's announcements by IBM.
    Here is what's going on with RPG
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  • Clinton Jones

    IBM continues to support the IBM i operating system on its Power line of machines, it is not marketing or promoting the OS.  

    No one is selling IBM i, and the programming population of RPG developers (RPG runs only on IBM i) is diminishing.  

    Recruiters continue to post jobs for RPG folks and struggle to find them

    The majority of people that support the iron have no interest in IBM i or have never heard of an i series machine.

    Will your IBM i or OS/400 based machines go away ? Eventually, probably yes, but think ahead,  get ready to move to another platform.

    If you want to look at comparatively similar situations look to PICK and VMS, they hung in there for aaaaaaaages but they are almost all dead and gone.

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