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Hi All, I am a IT Security Personnel and i look in to the Information security of my company.To protect the information of our company we have blocked all email sites from our Proxy server ..so that staff cant send our company data outside our office using public email sites like hotmail ,yahoo , rediff etc..We have been successful in doing the same......NOW we need to also block the sites which provides FTP access through internet...It will be of great help if anybody provides me with the list of FTP sites available on the internet so that we can also block the same. Thanks & Regards, Tarang

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Why not just block the port for ftp access?

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  • Skp02in
    you can also try policy driven contentent management systems like surfcontrol (surfcontrol.com), or any other client-server software..which will keep track of all the activities...on your network...
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  • Hedgehog
    Few "normal" staff really need FTP access, so expanding on what bmitchellx said, if you just need to FTP up to certain sites (like uploading pages to an external webserver), I would simply set firewall rules to permit certain staff to access those sites, and block everything else. Same for FTP downloads. That'll be cheaper and faster than a URL database as the other poster suggested.
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  • Ve3ofa
    What is to stop the employee from copying the infomation to a removable disk.. or printing a copy of the information and taking that piece of paper offsite? Would it not be just easier to disallow all internet access entirely except for some very few trusted individuals. You will never be able to keep up with stopping all webmail access. I know of over 1000 places one can get a webmail account.. If the employee cannot be trusted not to send this information via webmail to someone else then this person should not have access to the information at all.
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  • Wickedstick
    I agree with the other posts. You are better off writing your firewall rules to only allow HTTP, FTP, etc from your proxy server and restrict who has access through your proxy server. Be sure to block SMTP traffic and POP3 as well, except for your mail server. There are products you can use in your proxy server to detect keywords based on what your confidential company data may be (widgets, etc.).
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  • Lsholland
    I agree as well. There's removable media, usb drives, cd-burners, and the list goes on. However, if you accept e-mail, port 25 is obviously open. If you send e-mail out, port 25 is open for inside - to - out connections. Do you have restrictions on what inside address can send out on port 25? I'm a security guy by nature. I find ways around everything. Could I not setup an SMTP relay on my own PC and use my own computer as a mail sever to send out whatever I want? The previous post is correct. If you are that worried about your corporate data, turn off the internet completely with exception to a few individuals in the company. This can easily be done by using a group policy in active directory. Simply add to I.E. to use proxy address Their e-mail will work, everything else will work, with exception to Internet explorer.
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