FTP server self service account set-up

I want to set-up an FTP server (no problem, lots of options there). But I want the company users to be able to set-up ftp locations / password "on the fly" with out having to go to IT or through a bunch of hoops. so pretty much I want the company user to be able to drop a file on a new FTP location and set a new FTP password then send a link to a client with that FTP information.

I know it could cause a clean-up nightmare, but I figure I can cross that bridge later (in my mind I figure I can set-up a script that removes files older the a couple weeks)

The company is an all MS shop so I really would like to do this on Windows server, and for simplicity I'd like to use IIS. What I'd like to know before spending the next 10 or 12 hours clicking around is if this is something the IIS ftp server will do.

Software/Hardware used:
Windows IIS

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Let alone clean-up nightmare – you are about to create a security nightmare…

Isn’t it better to put encrypted files on a “conventional” ftp site? I’d suggest PGP encryption (or GPG – there are windows binaries on http://www.gpg4win.org/ which are easy to install and are working without a glitch)

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  • Yellowcrane
    I'm not so sure its a "nightmare", I could easily put it under SSL after the self service function is established. Besides we're not the pentagon, we don't have much we need to worry about. So maybe more of just a bad dream. I took a quick look at your link, looks like it does all transfers via e-mail, is that right? If so, does this require an install on the part of both the sender and receiver? The issue here is we can only control our network, if we need to get a set of drawings to a client and they have mail restrictions, or we want to to have it available for them to retrieve on demand e-mail is not the desired tool for the way we're doing business. Or does this simply e-mail a key to a user to retrive the file? No doubt its more secure, and I'm not against using something like this, or just about any of the many other FTP/Webshare products out there if it can run on windows and it has self-service features built in. Setting up some sort of internet file share is easy, making it so a user on site here can push a file to it and set a user/password to the file I think is the part I'm having trouble visualising. thanks, doug
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  • Chippy088
    It is an interesting situation. I have been there, and have a unsecure solution which I and co-workers employ. We wanted a solution that we could work on a file of any type, any time and anywhere, and drop it into an inbox for ONLY that person to retrieve when ready. Simplicity was the main requirement. Our solution for transfer of (certain types) of file was to install drop box. It is not exactly as we would like, but it does for our situation. Encryption is a problem passing keys etc so that is done in emails. They have 2 GB free and extra space can be bought. They do a team version, although it is not what we use. Like I said, it works for us. It is a starting point for deciding which features you want to improve on.
  • petkoa
    @Yellowcrane gpg4win sure have plugins for mail clients, but you can use it to encrypt / sign any file, whether it'll go through e-mail or not...
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