FTP from My Documents to AS/400

AS/400 FTP
I have a .cvs file in My Documents on PC and need to FTP it to the AS/400. Need explicit steps as I am knew to both sides

Software/Hardware used:
pc and as/400

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If there is an FTP server running on the AS/400 machine, you use Windows FTP from the command prompt – or – you can browse to the AS/400 machine, which is simpler.

In Internet Explorer’s address bar, enter ftp://[and the IP address of the AS/400 machine]. You may be prompted for a user name and password. Browse where you want to place the file.

If IE doesn’t work, you can try Windows Explorer.

Otherwise, run the command, ftp (Start > Run > ftp). At the ftp> prompt, type open and the IP address (or fqdn) of the AS/400 machine. Enter your user name and password at the prompts. Hit ? to get a list of commands.

You may have to local CD to get to the source folder or you can plunk down the .CSV file in the folder from which ftp runs.

Run a get command. Remember, you are in a session on the AS/400 now so it is a get, not a put. You may need to do a binary get depending upon your configuration. At any rate, ensure you run an ls -alR to see that the file transferred with the proper size. If a get fails, you may have the file name with zero bytes contents.

Don’t forget to exit the ftp session when you are done.

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  • TomLiotta
    ...as I am knew to both sides Does that mean that you are new to both PCs (Windows?) and AS/400s? From that as a base, it's almost impossible to know what to put into an answer. First, is it a PC using Windows? Which version? Second, do you know if the FTP server is started on the AS/400? (Is it installed on the AS/400?) Third, do you have a user ID to use on the AS/400? (It might be reasonable to ask if you're sure it's an "AS/400". Actual AS/400s haven't been made for a number of years. They were replaced with iSeries systems first, then by System i a few years later. And even later hardware is available. But the AS/400 name has stuck around in common usage. Every once in a while, someone asks about an actual AS/400; and in rare instances an answer is "AS/400s are too old to have that capability.") With details like those out of the way, a question like yours might veer in a different direction. FTP might not be the best way to go. It might be easiest just to drag/drop your .CVS (.CSV?) file into the directory that you want. An AS/400 should show up in your Windows network. There would normally be a /home directory for users, and you should have one for your user ID. When the /home directory is shared out to Windows, it essentially becomes just another directory for you to drag files into and out of. No need for FTP at all. In short, "explicit steps" might take way too long. A number of steps are listed in the 'Answer' above, but some bits need clarification and one or two are just flat wrong. Is your problem just that you need to get a file from your PC into the AS/400 while retaining its .CVS (.CSV?) format? Or are you needing to use it for an import function into the database on the AS/400? Tom
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