FTP from iSeries DB2 to iSeries AIX (Oracle)

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I'm taking a FILE and using CPYTOIMPF to either create the flat file pipe delimited to another DB2 File or directly to the IFS as *PCASCII. Using iSeriesNavigator, I have no problem looking at the IFS. No issue with iSeriesNavigator and looking at FILE either. Using FTP, <namefmt 1>, <mode binary>, I'm able to send the FILE or I can send the IFS version to the remote iSeries AIX The FTP completes successfully. No FTP errors generated. I logon to the iSeries AIX and using a pgm called <putty> or <winscp2>; I can see the file(s) sent in the appropriate folder but I can't look at it. The data is corrupted. Am I missing something in the setup on the iSeries Host that the iSeries AIX is expecting??? Thanking you in advance as to whatever direction you can point me in to resolve this issue.

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One possible cause, You are FTPing in binary mode so no character set conversion takes place. If your i5 has CCSID = 65535 (the default) then once on the AIX LPAR, the data is binary, not character. If your file is in CCSID 65535, you need to specify the character set conversion in the CPYTOIMPF cmd.


It seems odd… If the file is created and written as *PCASCII, even if the system is set with QCCSID=65535, then a BINARY transfer should transfer a *PCASCII file without any conversion. Which should be okay.

It’s a *PCASCII file on the source system and the target system should see the exact same unconverted (BINARY) bit patterns. If it starts as ASCII and you want it to end up as ASCII, there should be no reason for code conversion.

But it seems there’s a good chance that something else is involved. We’re told what happens, but we’re not shown what happens. We can’t tell if there’s simply an obscure detail that was missed or a misunderstanding is involved.

<b>Show us</b> what happens. Copy/paste file attributes here. Copy/paste actual commands that are run. Tell us operating system versions/releases. We need to actually see things rather than just read about them (which <b>always</b> leaves out potentially relevant details.)

Show us what happens. We can probably ask the next questions from there.


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  • NullFields
    Just an idea, but isn't iSeries AIX also EBCDIC?
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  • Lovemyi
    No AIX is all ASCII. Only mainframe and iSeries are in EBCDIC so translation has to happen. If you are using the AIX emulation on the iSeries then the default is stored in the QOPENSYS part of the IFS and it is always ASCII. Lovemyi
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