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This is a new project and I am totally lost and am hoping someone can guide me in the right direction. The project entails writing a CL to bring over flat files from a PC Server and the files will be stored in a partition on the AS400. It's not much to go on but that is all I know at the moment. Would anyone be able to share any ideas and/or thoughts. Please ask me questions and I will ask my management hopefully for some answers. Sincerely, Marci

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Here is one example that might help you…goode luck!!
On the AS/400 create a flat physical file. This file will contain the User ID and Password to sign for the system, the FTP command will be executed. This file will also contain the FTP commands (PUT, GET..).

Example Flat File Containing the FTP Commands

put Library/File Library/File
Replace the USERID and PASSWORD in the example file with a valid User ID and Password for the system the FTP will be executing to.

Now to execute the FTP file defined above in a batch job, you need to override the file created above to a file name of INPUT. Then all you need to do is execute FTP with the System Name or IP Address.

Example CL Commands to Execute the FTP


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  • LDLDLD69
    You could use FTP, Client Access to transfer the files from the PC to the AS/400. You could also map a network drive on the PC and send it over to the As/400, and there is also that there are vendors out there that you could buy software as well. These Flat Files are they from an EDI Software package????
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  • Howard2nd
    A - Are you using the AS/400 as a 'file server'? So other PC's can access this 'flatfile'? B - Are you using the AS/400 as an 'applications server'? Is a program on the 400 going to manipulate the 'flatfile'? C - Any chance that it is DB2? Is this a setup for importing data, and is it one time or regular updates? D - Are you just running OS/400, or multiple virtual machines? If Linux or Windows Server, what versions? That should get you started.
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