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Hi My name is Devan Maistry and I am working at Smith & Nephew and I want to find out on how to do the following:- I need to automate the order processing from Orderwise. I can FTP onto their server I can retrieve Data onto the AS/400 I can convert this data to automatically create the orders. The problem I am having is that because I want to automate this process, the file that they are sending me is called A123456.ord (where A12345 is a variable) I am using GET A12345.ord devan/forders (Devan is a library on the AS400 and FORDERS is the name of the flat file) The A12345.ord can be A12346 or A13389or even 55FEB08(depending on their numbering system) I need to find out what command can be used to retrieve this file.... I would like to rename it first and then use the rename to do my get/Mget Please help Thanx Devan Maistry 0827736496

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Hi Devan,

Probably your best option is to first retrieve a list of the files that are on the server, then build your FTP script using that information.

You should be able to get a list of files using DIR or LS to an output file (DISK. The output file is normally called DIROUTPUT. You can retrieve the DIROUTPUT using get. You can then read the DIROUTPUT file in a program and use the data contained in it to create your FTP script with renames if necessary.


Martin Gilbert.

Hi Martin

How do i do that ?

i am able to write contents to an output file but how can i read this in FTP? or do i read tthis output file in a cl and use the name received in a parameter? don’t know how to do.


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  • Gilly400
    Hi Devan, You need to create and retrieve the list using FTP. Then you need to read the list using a program and write your FTP script. I don't think you'll be able to do this in CL, you'll need to use something like RPG or COBOL. Regards, Martin Gilbert.
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  • devan
    Hi Martin I’m not sure how to do it. Here is the processes I am following:- On the AS400 _________________________________________________________________ File . . . . . . QCLSRC Library . . . . DEVAN Position to . . . . . Type options, press Enter. 2=Edit 3=Copy 4=Delete 5=Display 6=Print 7=Rename 8=Display description 9=Save 13=Change text 14=Compile 15=Create module... Opt Member Type Text ORDDCLP CLP ORD - FTP the information from orderwise ORDDFTP TXT ORD - FTP the daily info from orderwise server ORDDLOG ORDCLPFTP CLP ORD - FTP the inform from orderwise ORDFTP TXT ORD - FTP the daily info from orderwise server ORDLOG _________________________________________________________ CL PROGRAM – ORDDCLP looks like this PGM DCLF FILE(ORDDLOG) RMVM FILE(DEVAN/QCLSRC) MBR(ORDDLOG) MONMSG MSGID(CPF0000) OVRDBF FILE(INPUT) TOFILE(DEVAN/QCLSRC) MBR(ORDDFTP) OVRDBF FILE(OUTPUT) TOFILE(DEVAN/QCLSRC) MBR(ORDDLOG) FTP RMTSYS('') _____________________________________________________ ORDDFTP looks like this user dmaistry dmaistry cd orders dir QUIT __________________________________ ORDDLOG 0001.00 Output redirected to a file. 0002.00 Input read from specified override file. 0003.00 Connecting to remote host using port 21. 0004.00 220 FTPSERVER Microsoft FTP Service (Version 5.0). . 0011.00 > user DMAISTRY ******* 0012.00 331 Password required for DMAISTRY. 0013.00 230 User DMAISTRY logged in. 0014.00 Windows_NT version 5.0 0015.00 Enter an FTP subcommand. 0016.00 > cd orders 0017.00 250 CWD command successful. 0018.00 Enter an FTP subcommand. 0019.00 > dir 0020.00 227 Entering Passive Mode (196,14,119,10,8,97). 0021.00 125 Data connection already open; Transfer starting. 0022.00 03-13-09 10:03AM 217 5B55FE64.ORD 0023.00 226 Transfer complete. 0024.00 Enter an FTP subcommand. 0025.00 > QUIT 0026.00 221 Now I use ORDCLPFTP PGM RMVM FILE(DEVAN/QCLSRC) MBR(ORDLOG) MONMSG MSGID(CPF0000) OVRDBF FILE(INPUT) TOFILE(DEVAN/QCLSRC) MBR(ORDFTP) OVRDBF FILE(OUTPUT) TOFILE(DEVAN/QCLSRC) MBR(ORDLOG) FTP RMTSYS('') This looks at ORDFTP user DMAISTRY dmaistry cd orders get ?????????? devan/forders (replac QUIT From the above: Up until now I don’t know what to do next….. Do I write a RPG program to read from the output file(what is the name of the output file?) Where do I pick up the file ???????? Please help… Thanx
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