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Hello Dear Friends. I have and a Lotus Notes (.nsf) database which i want to import in External Database (Oracle). what i need is a guide line to accomplish the task.... Could anyone do me the favor? With Best Regards Mani

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Hello Friend;
The Connector facility is available for this you can download
Connector and transfer your data from Lotus Database to Oracle .I will surely look for this when i will find this i will send it to you.

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  • CharlesJC
    Mani, I haven't used the Connector facility that msmoazzam mentioned, so you may want to give it a try first. If that doesn't work, you can write a Lotus Script agent that connects to your Oracle database, via ODBC or OLE/DB, and transfer the contents of your Notes database documents by create SQL Insert statements. This gives you full control of "what goes where" during your data transfer. I hope this helps. Charles
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  • DLawton
    Here's code (the login info is removed) I used to create Notes documents from an Oracle db - you can reverse the process... Options Option Public Option Explicit Uselsx "*LSXLC" %INCLUDE "lsconst.lss" Sub Initialize Set s = New NotesSession Set db = s.CurrentDatabase 'The fields needed from Oracle tables Dim fieldlistUser$, fieldlistUserContact$, fieldlistUserInfo$, fieldlistInterestAreas$ fieldlistUser = "FIRST_NAMES, LAST_NAME, EMAIL, PASSWORD, USER_ID, USER_STATE, REGISTRATION_DATE, REGISTRATION_IP, LAST_VISIT, SECOND_TO_LAST_VISIT, N_SESSIONS" fieldlistUserContact = "WORK_PHONE, CELL_PHONE, FAX, WA_LINE1, WA_LINE2, WA_CITY, WA_STATE, WA_POSTAL_CODE, WA_COUNTRY_CODE, PRIV_WA" fieldlistUserInfo = "TITLE, PRIMARY_CONTACT_ID, AREA_OF_PRACTICE, OTHER_PRACTICES, INFORMAL_NAME, ARCUST, ARADDRESS, NON_MEMBER_COMPANY" fieldlistInterestAreas = "GROUP_NAME" Dim session As New LCSession session.clearstatus Dim conName As String Dim text_str As String Dim setResult As Variant Dim conUser As New LCConnection ("oracle") Dim conUsersContact As New LCConnection ("oracle") Dim conUserInfo As New LCConnection ("oracle") Dim conInterestAreas As New LCConnection ("oracle") conUser.Server = "********" conUser.UserID = "****" conUser.Password = "****" conUser.Connect conUser.MetaData = "cqm.users" conUser.Fieldnames = fieldlistUser conUsersContact.Server = "*******" conUsersContact.UserID = "***" conUsersContact.Password = "***" conUsersContact.Connect conUsersContact.MetaData = "cqm.users_contact" conUsersContact.Fieldnames = fieldlistUserContact conUserInfo.Server = "******" conUserInfo.UserID = "***" conUserInfo.Password = "***" conUserInfo.Connect conUserInfo.MetaData = "cqm.cqm_user_info" conUserinfo.Fieldnames = fieldlistUserInfo conInterestAreas.Server = "*******" conInterestAreas.UserID = "****" conInterestAreas.Password = "****" conInterestAreas.Connect conInterestAreas.MetaData = "cqm.cqm_interest_areas_users" conInterestAreas.Fieldnames = fieldlistInterestAreas Dim fieldsUser As New LCFieldList, fieldsUserInfo As New LCFieldList Dim fieldUser As LCField Dim count As Long, t$, DocsCreated% count = conUser.Select(Nothing, 1, fieldsUser) 'Stop '%REM While conUser.Fetch(fieldsUser) > 0 Set docContact = New NotesDocument(db) docContact.Form = "Contact" Dim methodologies As New NotesItem(docContact, "Methodologies", "") docContact.WebContact = "Yes" docContact.CQMiUserID = fieldsUser.USER_ID(0) docContact.ContFirstName = fieldsUser.FIRST_NAMES docContact.ContLastName = fieldsUser.LAST_NAME(0) docContact.OIMContact = fieldsUser.FIRST_NAMES(0) & " " & fieldsUser.LAST_NAME(0) docContact.ContactName = fieldsUser.FIRST_NAMES(0) & " " & fieldsUser.LAST_NAME(0) docContact.ContEmail = fieldsUser.EMAIL(0) docContact.CQMExtra2 = fieldsUser.PASSWORD(0) 'Stop If fieldsUser.EMAIL(0) "" Then docContact.Company = GetCompany(fieldsUser.EMAIL(0)) If docContact.Company(0) "" Then GetMemberStatusEtcFromCompany(docContact.Company(0)) 'Stop docContact.CQMiState = fieldsUser.USER_STATE(0) docContact.REGISTRATION_DATE = fieldsUser.REGISTRATION_DATE(0) docContact.REGISTRATION_IP = fieldsUser.REGISTRATION_IP(0) docContact.LAST_VISIT = fieldsUser.LAST_VISIT(0) docContact.SECOND_TO_LAST_VISIT = fieldsUser.SECOND_TO_LAST_VISIT(0) docContact.N_SESSIONS = fieldsUser.N_SESSIONS(0) docContact.ContCQMExtra2 = fieldsUser.PASSWORD(0) 'Join Table USERS_CONTACT using current USER_ID(0) Dim keyUserContact As New LCFieldList, fieldsUsersContact As New LCFieldList Set fieldUser = keyUserContact.Append("USER_ID", LCTYPE_TEXT) fieldUser.Flags = LCFIELDF_KEY fieldUser.Text = fieldsUser.USER_ID(0) count = conUsersContact.Select(keyUserContact, 1, fieldsUsersContact) Call conUsersContact.Fetch(fieldsUsersContact) docContact.ContPhone = fieldsUsersContact.WORK_PHONE(0) docContact.MobilePhone = fieldsUsersContact.CELL_PHONE(0) docContact.ContFax = fieldsUsersContact.FAX(0) docContact.ContAddress1 = fieldsUsersContact.WA_LINE1(0) docContact.OIMContAddress1 = fieldsUsersContact.WA_LINE1(0) docContact.ContAddress2 = fieldsUsersContact.WA_LINE2(0) docContact.OIMContAddress2 = fieldsUsersContact.WA_LINE2(0) docContact.ContCity = fieldsUsersContact.WA_CITY(0) docContact.OIMContCity = fieldsUsersContact.WA_CITY(0) docContact.ContState = fieldsUsersContact.WA_STATE(0) docContact.OIMContState = fieldsUsersContact.WA_STATE(0) docContact.ContZip = fieldsUsersContact.WA_POSTAL_CODE(0) docContact.OIMContZip = fieldsUsersContact.WA_POSTAL_CODE(0) docContact.PRIV_WA = fieldsUsersContact.PRIV_WA(0) Stop If Ucase$(fieldsUsersContact.WA_COUNTRY_CODE(0)) = "US" Then docContact.Nationality = "Domestic" Else docContact.ContCountry = fieldsUsersContact.WA_COUNTRY_CODE(0) docContact.OIMContCountry = fieldsUsersContact.WA_COUNTRY_CODE(0) docContact.Nationality = "International" End If 'Join Table cqm_user_info using current USER_ID(0) Dim kUserInfo As New LCFieldList, flUserInfo As New LCFieldList, fUserInfo As LCField Set fUserInfo = kUserInfo.Append("USER_ID", LCTYPE_TEXT) fUserInfo.Flags = LCFIELDF_KEY fUserInfo.Text = fieldsUser.USER_ID(0) count = conUserInfo.Select(kUserInfo, 1, flUserInfo) Call conUserInfo.Fetch(flUserInfo) docContact.ContTitle = flUserInfo.TITLE(0) 'docContact.ContactType = flUserInfo.PRIMARY_CONTACT_ID(0) Dim p$ 'Stop p = flUserInfo.AREA_OF_PRACTICE(0) Call methodologies.AppendToTextList(flUserInfo.AREA_OF_PRACTICE) docContact.OtherMethodologies = flUserInfo.OTHER_PRACTICES docContact.Informal = flUserInfo.INFORMAL_NAME(0) docContact.ARCust = flUserInfo.ARCUST(0) docContact.ARAddress = flUserInfo.ARADDRESS(0) 'Stop If docContact.Company(0) = "" Then docContact.Company = flUserInfo.NON_MEMBER_COMPANY(0) 'Join Table CQM_INTEREST_AREAS_USER using current USER_ID(0) Dim kInterestAreas As New LCFieldList, flInterestAreas As New LCFieldList, fInterestAreas As LCField Set fInterestAreas = kInterestAreas.Append("USER_ID", LCTYPE_TEXT) fInterestAreas.Flags = LCFIELDF_KEY fInterestAreas.Text = fieldsUser.USER_ID(0) count = conInterestAreas.Select(kInterestAreas, 1, flInterestAreas) Dim group As LCField, returnVar As Variant Set group = flInterestAreas.Lookup("GROUP_NAME") While conInterestAreas.Fetch(flInterestAreas) > 0 Call methodologies.AppendToTextList(group.Text(0)) Wend 'Other field manipulations DocsCreated% = DocsCreated% + 1 Print Str(DocsCreated%) & " Doc Created" True, True 'Stop Wend '%END REM conUser.Disconnect conUsersContact.Disconnect conUserinfo.Disconnect
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  • RickW
    I normally work with MS SQL but the same principles should apply. The first thing to do is setup a connection to the data base in Data Sources in your control panel. This is a basic LotusScript example that should get you going. This line has to be added to the Options Event UseLSX "*LSXODBC" Sub Click(Source As Button) Dim s As New NotesSession Dim ws As New NotesUIWorkspace Dim db As NotesDatabase Dim view As NotesView Dim vc As NotesViewEntryCollection Dim entry As NotesViewEntry Dim doc As NotesDocument Dim docFld As String Dim docFld1 As String Dim docFld2 As String Dim sqlCon As New ODBCConnection Dim qry As ODBCQuery Dim result As ODBCResultSet Dim uName As String Dim pWord As String Dim dSource As String Dim insString As String Dim counter As Long ' Standard setup for retrieving the Notes info Set db = s.CurrentDatabase Set view = db.GetView("SqlExport") Set vc = view.AllEntries Set entry = vc.GetFirstEntry 'Establish the connection to the External Database dSource = "mySqlConnection" 'this is the name of the ODBC connection that was created uName = "Username" pWord = "Password" ' Attempt to connect to the ODBC database If Not sqlCon.ConnectTo(dSource, uName, pWord) Then Messagebox "Could not connect to " & dSource & " - Contact your database administrator",16,"Error - ODBC Connection" Exit Sub Else Print "Connected to the ODBC Database" End If ' Setup the parameters for the transactions con.CommitOnDisconnect = True Set qry = New ODBCQuery Set qry.Connection = sqlCon Set result = New ODBCResultSet Set result.Query = qry ' Start reading through the documents in the view ' and writing the information to the ODBC Database counter = 0 While Not entry Is Nothing Set doc = entry.Document docFld = doc.fld(0) docFld1 = doc.fld1(0) docFld2 = doc.fld2(0) ' The following line may be a little different for Oracle insString = "INSERT into SqlTableName (field1, field2, field3) VALUES ('" & docFld & "', " & docFld1 & "', " & docFld2 & "')" Qry.SQL = insString result.Execute Set entry = vc.GetNextEntry(entry) counter = counter + 1 Print Cstr(count) & " documents processed." Wend ' Close the ODBC connection sqlCon.Disconnect Messagebox "Operation Complete",64,"Complete" End Sub
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  • Manije
    Sorry sorry sorry, i have been out so couldn't come back for that long...... Wohaaaaaa, that is great dela of guidence..... Thanks alot guys... :-) So if scripting is the solution then i am out-gunned here. as i haven't reached upto the level... Can anyone guide me or give me link where i can learn the abc of scripting in Lotus Notes. Although, I have checked LEI for that matter and guess it can work out for me... OR i could use a notes connector to export database into SQL Server and then could import it into Oracle... or something. What do u think buddies? Thankssss again Regards Mani
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