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Dear Friends I have order data entry screen form when the order item is not yet defined then I am using this script for calling the item definition form DECLARE l_n_curr_rec NUMBER; BEGIN BEGIN :global.l_n_curr_rec2 := :COP_ORDER_DETAILS.LINE_NO; :GLOBAL.CLASS_CODE := :CLASS_CODE; :GLOBAL.LINE_NO := :LINE_NO; :GLOBAL.USER_ID := '1'; END; :global.cop_order_code := :cop_order_details.cop_order_code; :global.ord_date := :cop_order_details.ord_date; :global.command_line := 'c:salesnew_items.fmx'; call_form(command_line); go_block('cop_order_details'); go_record(:global.l_n_curr_rec2); :cop_order_details.item_code := :global.item_code_var; END; And this script is used in the item definition ,that is the called form ,that is new_items.fmx BEGIN INSERT INTO IM_INVETORY (ITEM_CODE,ITEM_NAME_A,ITEM_NAME_E,STOCK_ITEM,ITEM_CLASS) VALUES(:IM_NEW_ITEMS.ITEM_CODE,:IM_NEW_ITEMS.ITEM_NAME_A,:IM_NEW_ITEMS.ITEM_NAME_E,'1',:IM_NEW_ITEMS.ITEM_CLASS) COMMIT_FORM; and I am using ORACLE FORM 6i Wating for your valuable aswer. Best regards Jamil

Software/Hardware used:
Oracle9i Enterprise Edition Release, AND FORM 6i

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You could use the OPEN_FORM built-in procedure instead.

Something like this:


Using the ‘SESSION’ parameter you tell the forms runtime engine to open a different database session for the called form, which you can commit or rollback without affecting the calling form.



I’m not a forms guy so I asked my forms people and they replied with this:
The originating form had changes on it before going to the second line… This is not allowed… If they commit those changes before going to the second form the problem would go away.. Changing from this

To something like this

If :system.form_status <> ‘QUERY’ then
Commit form;
End if;

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  • MAY05659292714
    Hi Thank you for your replay ,yes the calling form is an INSERT MODE , and the user is enter the header data and tow fields of the details block that is LINE_NO, and CLASS_CODE then when he move the ITEM_CODE if he did not fined the ITEM_CODE , then he will call the CALLED FORM to create the new ITEM_CODE, so when I am trying to save the record in called form I do not want the save command to save the calling while I am saving the called form Best regards Jamil
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  • carlosdl
    MAY05659292: The answer wiki has been updated, in case you didn't notice.
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