foxpro for windows 2.6

FoxPro 2.6
Microsoft Windows
I want to store the data i enter into below program but the e_code is not geting stored in the table. Also i wanted to calculate the total no. of hours for each employee on monthly basis.
use empmast
	index on e_code tag e_code of empmast 	
	set order to e_code
*select b
use att
 	index on e_code to att1
	go bottom
                     scatter memvar blank
*sele a
if seek(e_code)
	&&m->e_code is already there in table
	&& handle the code
*sele b
do while wish='y'
	scatter memvar blank
	@ 5,2 say "Enter the Employees Code :" get m->e_code pict "999999" ;
                      message "Enter the Employee's Code";
                      Error "Employees Code cannot b blank"
    seek e_code
if found()
	scatter memvar blank
    @ 3,2 say "Today's Date:" 
    @ 3,20 say m->date pict"@E"   
    @ 7,2 say "Employees Name:" get m->E_Name pict "@!S20" ;
          message "Enter the Employees Name " ;
          Error "Employees Name cannot be blank"
    @ 9,2 say "Employees Department:" get m->Dept pict"@!S15" ;
         message "Enter the Department";
         Error "Employees Department cannot be blank" 
    @ 11,2 say "Shift:" get m->Shift pict "9" ;
         message "Enter the Shift" ;
         Error "Shift cannot be blank"   
    @ 13,2 say "Job Code:" get m->Job_Code pict "9999999999" ;
         message "Enter the Job_Code:" ;
         Error "Job_code cannot be blank"
    @ 15,2 say "Location :" get m->Loc pict "@!S20" ;
        message "Enter the Location:"; 
        Error "Location cannot be blank"
    @ 17,2 say "No. of Hours:" get m->Hours ;
       pict "99" valid !empty(m->Hours) ;
       message "Enter No. of Hours Worked" ;
       Error "Number of Hours cannot be Blank"
append blank
gather memvar
clear gets
    @ 19,16 SAY "Do you want to add more records,Y/N?" get m->wish 
clear gets   
clear gets

 select date,e_code,e_name,dept,shift,sum(hours) from att group by e_code into table temp
 use temp
 do while !eof()
 &&print your report formatting

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1. Since your memory variable name (m->e_code) and the field name in table att (e_code)are same, e_code is not getting saved to your table. So change your memory variable name to something else say me_code
2. In your line number 10 you are giving wrong command as e_code = m->e_code as right now your m->e_code is blank and you are taking table field name = memory variable which is blank. Instead you should reverse this command as m->e_code = e_code
3. This will start saving your e_code in table appropriately.
4. Once this starts happening you can very easily calculate total no. of hours for any employee for any period by a simple command.

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