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A SearchStorage user recently asked:<p> I am using NetBbackup 5.0., and I want to know how to format media. There is a command bpexpdate to expire media. Does that remove the contents of the media, too?<p> Further, if I backup some media, remove that piece from the backup manager and then add the same piece, would NetBbackup identify it as a fresh piece or a piece with previous backup on it?<p> Also, how can I tell how much portion of the media is filled up?

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With NetBackup, there is no need to format media. The first time you write to a tape, NetBackup will write header information that includes the MediaId. The MediaId is the way NetBackup identifies media.

When you run bpexpdate, you are not modifying the contents of the tape. Instead, what you are doing is removing entries in the Media Manager database about the contents of the tape.

If you remove media from a tape library and put it back in, NetBackup will treat the tape the same way. The only way to get it to treat it as a new tape is to first use bpexpdate to expire all images on the tape (image = the output of a backup). Then use the bplabel command if you wish to change the MediaId of that tape. Otherwise, the MediaId remains the same.

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  • JimmyS49
    There are several ways to label media with NBU 5.0. If the tape is in a library with an optical barcode reader NBU can use the barcode as the media ID. If you are using a standalone drive you can use the -bplabel command to give the tape a media ID, or you can let NBU apply a default media ID. Unless a piece of media is deleted completely from the media manager database NBU will recognize the media as previously used, however, there are several commands to manually expire a tape i.e. expbydate or use the vmquery command. Finally, you can use the NBAR (Netbackup Advanced Reporter) or the GDM to view how much data a particular backup has written. NBU doesn't do a very good job of reporting how much room is left on a tape. It will however, tell you when a piece of media is full.
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