For VPN’s, which is better…Cable or DSL?

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I telework for my company and I use a VPN to connect to the company's server. I also use an Avaya Softphone to speak with consumers. While I am speaking with the consumers, I am using a Siebel program to input and research data. My connections drops a lot and my Siebel sessions freeze a lot as well. I have comcast internet and I am hard wired to a Linksys Wireless - G, 2.4 GHz, router. Again, I am hard wired, and not running wireless. What can I do to keep a consistent connection? Which is better for VPN's....Cable or DSL?

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Either connection should work just fine. It doesn’t matter what technology you use, but rather how stable the internet service provider makes that connection. I’ve used cable and DSL to VPN to work, and I haven’t had any problems.

Cable connections quality and bandwidth can vary depending on how many others share your connection, and how much bandwidth they are using. (when I had cable I knew when the kids in the neigbor hood logged onto Halo, bandwidth went right down the tube from about 4:00 to arounf midnight, on shcool nights.) DSL tends to have a slightly lower bandwidth, but it is usually more consistant regarding bandwidth. As MrDenny said, it is the ISP that determines stability, switching from DSL to Cable or vise versa might improve (or degrade) more because of ISP than method of transmission.

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  • Yasir Irfan
    You can use any type of technology for internet connectivity. VPN will work with both cabkle and DSL
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  • CoderHal
    VPN is supposed to work with Cable or DSL, but fact is, not always. I also work at home and had Adelphia cable. It worked great for years. Then Comcast bought out Adelphia and I started dropping VPN connections more and more frequently as time went on. 6 mo. later, I had to drop Comcast, VPN just dropped way to often. Had service guys out many times.... they do not support VPN. Said I had to get a business instead of residential service. Which was lots more bucks. So I dropped them and went to DSL. My VPN connection stays up for days at a time now. DSL is slower, but more reliable.
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  • Sixball
    Like Coder said, The ISP plays a big part in VPN connectivity stability. Also, make sure you dont have any applications that try to communicate ont eh same ports your VPN is, as the conflict will seriously destabilize your tunnel...
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