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We have a folder containing lots of confidential docs that supposedly accessible to all employees that should have read permission only. They should not be able to Print/Copy/SaveAs/E-Mail and do other docs stuff. Our IT staff had made the folder read only though people could still re-save the files elsewhere and print from there ... Any suggestion on how we can implement this security requirement? We're using Win2K3 server OS. Thanks in advance.

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I’m sure you can’t grant read permissions on anything and prevent any of the Print/Copy/SaveAs/E-Mail actions except you put your users in VERY restricted environment (e.g. a PC without writable media, e-mail and printer access). Unless you reserve a dedicated PCs for reading of the documents in question, the restrictions are really insane.



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  • Cazulp
    There may be a number of ways to achieve most of what you want to do but they will take some work and cost. One option is converting all the documents to PDF so that you can set permissions to prevent Print/Copy/Save but probably not attaching. You may be able to solve the attaching problem by setting up the PDF resository so that the files can only be be opened in IE via an Adobe Active X control rather than in Adobe Reader itself. Another option is encrypting with EFS and only making the files available to authorized people.
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  • Amigus
    Windows Rights Management Services (RMS).
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  • Guardian
    Just of the top of my head, wjy don't you create a //ftp site and restrict all you want or give them a cretain level of access. Cause sometimes directory/folder encryption can be changed once the file is moved to another directory. Rgds Newton
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  • Paul144hart
    Two options - PDF with Digital Rights Management (DRM); is an umbrella term for the concepts and supporting technology needed to protect the ownership rights of print and digital publishers on the Web. Create a web portal, and use a viewer that has no capability for print/save/copy... -Paul
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  • KerryK
    Assumming you are using Microsoft Office 2003 perhaps you should look at Information Rights Management.
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  • ALVXSE87
    Hiya, Thanks everybody. You've all been a great help. BR, Zandgorgon
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  • Jcan123
    I would probably go for a solution where you display the documents in a web interface - that way you can also block the copy function by html code (and other functions).
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  • Jrerickson
    Keep in mind that no matter what DRM you use, the user can always screen shot what they are seeing and print/email/save that.
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