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I am currently working on a computer that was put together by a local computer shop. The two problems that existed were that the monitor is constantly flashing (almost so fast that you can't notice unless you really concentrate) and the speed seemed to be terrible. The computer is only a year old and in this time has had the power supply and motherboard replaced. The power, surge protector and monitor all seem to be fine when tested in controlled environment. I tried reinstalling windows XP and upgrading from a 512 RAM card to a 2 GB DDR2 but neither of these things have helped. The sytem information is as follows: AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4200+ 2.21 GHz 1.87 GB RAM. It has a Gigabyte GA-MA69VM-S2 motherboard. Running Windows XP Home edition with almost no significant software installed. If anyone has a possible suggestion on what could be causing these problems and how i might come to a solution I would be very greatful. Thanks

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2 possibilities

1) You said several items have been replaced already, motherboard and powersupply replaced.
So did they put this computer together with leftover / used parts???? These should not need to be replaced within one year? This being the case though, maybe they built the computer with a defective or very old Video card.

2) is the monitor a flat screen or CRT (large and older) The CRT has a refresh rate that will look like flashing monitor. The older the monitor the worst it could be. Also if you have a CRT monitor and have florescent lighting, the refresh rate of the monitor and the florescent lighting will interact and the monitor refresh rate will become very noticeable and look like flashing.

Hope this helps

Your speed question..
If you go to computer properties, how much RAM is recorded. The thought here is to make sure the 2G RAM is recognized. If it is not, then the BIOS has limitations to the amount of RAM your computer can recognize.
Also you may have a bad RAM slot on the motherboard that leave the RAM inserted to the slot unusable.

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  • BrentSheets
    You might wish to visit the support page of your video card maker and ensure you're using the latest drivers for your video card, too. You may be able to right click the desktop, choose Properties > Settings > Advanced > Monitor and set your monitor to a higher refresh rate to reduce the flashing. That is, if your video card supports a higher setting. Good luck.
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  • FabianSilva
    Tried to change the refresh rate? the problem seems to be that the refresh rate is at 60hz (usually the default), go to display properties, configuration, advanced options, adapter, list all modes and select the resolution that you are using but with a high refresh rate (recommended: 72 hz that is what the eye see) pd: some options that I mentioned can have another name... I speak in spanish and have a spanish XP. greetings
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  • Tuneup360
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  • TomLiotta
    ...maybe you can have a try. I think we get it. You want us to try your software. Good. Thanks for asking. Tom
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  • carlosdl
    The funny thing is that he/she wants to camouflage his/her advertising, but chose "Tuneup360" as username. :-)
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  • Tekguy38
    Hello, Can you verify that you're using the correct CPU in that motherboard given that it supports different socket types?
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  • Chippy088
    @Tuneup360 you seem to have limited knowledge of computers if all the questions you have answered to date, irrespective of the specifications of the problem PC, have been to recommend the use of a piece of software that has no bearing on the problem what so ever. This is a possible hardware misconfiguration problem, not able to be fixed with a 'tune up' software. @BrionO23 if the PC is running slow, when they built the machine, did they use correctly matched RAM for the clock speed? If the RAM speed is rated lower than the clock speed, it will make the CPU slow down to match the RAM I tend to agree that the monitor and drivers are mismatched. have you installed the monitor by manufacturer and model using their latest drivers? Does the monitor still flash if you use the PC under a normal lightbulb environment? As Limbo has already mentioned, monitors flash very quickly when they refresh, and so do fluerescent tubes. You may be getting a strobe effect from the tube/monitor combination. Could also be the fluerescent tube, needs changing. I was also a bit concerned at the 1.87GB RAM, that seems an odd size.
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