Finding manufacture date of IBM laptop

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Hi all, In work, I'm trying to determine how old a IBM T41 Laptop (Type: 2373-4FG) I've tried Lenovo support site but I just find out if it's in or out of warranty. Thanks in advance paul

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Well, the most important date isn’t necessarily the manufacture date. It’s the date of sale that really matters, since the laptop could have been manufactured and sat on a shelf for 6 months to a year before it was purchased.

IBM’s support site has a lookup tool, but it’s hard to find like everything else on their site.

Here is a link to the tool.

ok, looking at some other laptops that I have and checking the warranty lookup on IBM,
it seem that the date is at the end of the S/N, last 4 numbers

e.g S/N L3-HL576 07/04 (this laptop was manufactured in Apr 2007)

If you can prove that you purchased your laptop from an authorized distributor on a certain date, IBM will observe the warranty period from that day forward (as opposed to the date of manufacture, which may include transportation time and weeks / months on the shelf).

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  • Pandub
    Thanks Jless, I had found that link before and it gives Status: Expiration date: Location: Out of warranty 2008-03-01 IRELAND So working backward and assuming 3 yr warranty that laptop is 2005-03-01, mhhh I would have though it was a little older than that! Is it possible there was initially a 1yr warranty that was extended?
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  • Pressler2904
    The Thinkpad T40 EOL'd (stopped manufacture - stands for "End of Life") on or about 31 December, 2003. This simply means that IBM no longer produced any new T41 notebooks after that date. As stated above, it's not uncommon to see inventory sit around fro a few months after manufacture before being sold. I would agree that 15 months (01Jan 2004 to 01 March 2005) is a long time, but it's not unheard of, especially at that point in time (remember many corporations work on a 3, 4 or 5 year PC replacement schedule, and many were just getting in to the replacement process in end 2003/start 2004 leading to large backlogs of unsold PC equipment...).
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  • Jaideep Khanduja
    I didn’t find any correct info for my laptop regarding exact date of manufacturing, there is a stamp sticker pasted at the bottom saying QC OK and a date, but that can not be the exact manufacturing date, I am sure. By backward calculations, or guessing, it is not going to provide the exact manufacturing date, that means, and there is no other way of finding it out.
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  • Brijesh
    Can you provide me the detailed information of your laptop. 
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  • lluckwaldrop
    Brijesh, my husband passed away recently & I'm attempting to go through his huge assortment of electronics. He has an IBM Thinkpad XP 32P4413, Product Key J4VT9 X3DKC WPBC7 C8FGD Y707J, and under the bar code is 00043-142-359-103. Also Type 2656-4AU S/NAK - V17NW 01/11. Does this mean it was distributed around November 2001? Thank you very much.
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  • ToddN2000
    Yes, Nov 2001 sounds about right.
    It's a very old model laptop.
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  • Lluckwsldrop
    TODDN2000 , Thank you for your response. Off to the recycle place with it & a hundred other things.
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