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hi all my requirement is find out string that which object contain,that object name,type,libery name,source file name.find all data and store this data into one physical file. physical file contain fields R rec    objname       10A    objType        10A    Libraryname  10A    source-pf      10A Ex:-my string is empdetails this string scan all the objects after which object contain this string that object name,type,library name,source file name,all stored into above physical file is it possible

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This appears to be a duplicate of a question you asked last week,

Find string in AS/400 library

There were many answers there.
If they did not satisfy you requirement, please add more information to that issue so we are not duplicating our work by giving you the same answers.

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  • TomLiotta
    First, there is no way to "scan all the objects". Many objects can't be scanned at all. A *PGM object, for example, provides no object methods by which a scan can be done. Many other object types have the same restriction. Second, of the few object types that do allow some kind of 'scan', each object type requires a different method. You can't 'scan' *DTAARA objects the same way that you might 'scan' a *FILE object or a *USRSPC object. Further, you wouldn't 'scan' a *FILE object. You'd actually scan members of the file, and only certain subtypes of *FILEs have members. A *FILE object itself doesn't have much that can be 'scanned'. Usually, scanning implies looking through the data space of a *FILE object, and the members are where the data spaces are. It's possible that a *FILE object contains a field attribute named EMPDETAILS and that's what you're looking for, but that's a very different type of 'scan'. In short, the question isn't making much sense yet. Many more details need to be clarified. And, as CharlieBrowne said, the discussion should continue under the original question. I see that you added 'Physical Files' and 'AS400 physical file' tags to this question. You might discuss what those tags mean back in the original thread. For example, you might clarify if you need to search through data file members or source file members. And you might clarify if you're looking for "empdetails" in the file's data or in the file's attributes. Tom
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