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how to find out one user id related list of libraries in as400 system,not all libraries in system,only one user id related libraries

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Libraries are not really user related.
A user can create a library but unless there is specific authority set, anyone can use it.
A library can just be added to a library list.
I’m guessing what you are asking is “someone created a library and I need to find it and who did it?’ Is that what you need?
Or do you have a USRPRF already and want to know what libraries they have created?

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    DSPOBJD QSYS/libname *LIB will give you the name of the user profile that created a library.
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  • madhuchowdary
    thanks i have an authority to create libraries,my problem is i forget how many libraries create in my user id ,my requirement is many libraries are there and what are those in my user id
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  • TomLiotta
    Simplest might be something like this:
    RUNSQL SQL( 'select * from QTEMP/OBJOWN where OOTYPE = ''*LIB''' )
    The DSPUSRPRF command builds an outfile that list objects owned by "myusrprf". The RUNSQL command shows an example of querying the outfile to select only *LIB (library) objects. If you don't have a command that displays a result set from a SQL SELECT, you might use interactive SQL or RUNQRY or other means. But it's not clear if you want libraries that you own or libraries that you created. If you want libraries that you created and that you don't necessarily own, then HMSSL2K's suggestion of DSPOBJD can be used to create an outfile of *LIB objects. You would query that file WHERE ODOBOW = 'myusrprf'. For other possibilities, CharlieBrowne has mostly covered them. Tom
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    [...] TomLiotta, HMSSL2K, and CharlieBrowne talked it out with a member trying to find a user-related list of AS/400 libraries. 6. CharlieBrowne and WoodEngineer offer some options for a member wondering how to print a string [...]
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  • Brijesh
    The CUR library is your current library. This is your first user library and is where objects are created if you don't specify which library to use. The USR libraries list your other user libraries.
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  • deepu9321
    There could be two scenarios that can be assumed based on your question.

    1. USR Libraries in Specific Job/User Library List.
    2. Library That have been created/owned by Specific user.

    If you would like to retrieve USR Libraries in Specific Job/User Library List, You could retrieve this by using RTVJOBA USRLIBL(&USRLIBS) command.

    If you would need to retrieve the libraries that are created/owned by specific user. Do the following.


    Query this outfile for created user or Object owner.

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