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hello need some help about creating files in as400 folders. I want to create an output file.txt from a software runing in a desktop into a folder in AS400, but i get de message: "pathfilename problems to access file" If anyone have any clue, i apreciate. Tkanks in advance Jotta

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I have a SAGE V6 software in windows server 2008 R2 SP1, that generates an output TXT to put at a specific folder in AS400 V5R2M0

When SAGE put the output at c:\, no problem. if i use command line copy to mapped folder, is ok, but if i put the file in C: and next run the command COPY to FOLDER from SAGE the error is back.

When Sage use folder as400 u:\ i get this message from SAGE : EX:
DIR C:\*.* > U:\DIR.TXT : error system ( 2 )

In fact i have this process rolling in another client with no problem at all,

Is it possible put this files in folders with FTP ? If possible is with the command put ? maybe it work.

Thanks for your time.

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  • Splat
    Are you talking about QDLS folders or IFS folders/directories? Easiest way I know of is to create a folder (directory) in the IFS, share it, then map a drive on your PC to the folder. Another option would be to create the file on your PC then FTP it to the desired folder/directory.
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  • Jotta
    I am talking about QDLS folders. Problem is ERP search txt interfaces on qdls folders. Folders are mapped. Strange or not, if i copy from a command line c:... to any folder it will do it, but if i create a file as \ipfolder....txt, or put a batch command to do that doesn´t work and the message error is back.
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  • TomLiotta
    We need the exact error message. Actually, we need the error from the AS/400, but you probably don't know what it is. What PC OS are you using? We'll need to see the results from one or two PC commands, but we'll need the OS to know what commands to use. Generally, you shouldn't be using /QDLS folders at all. But if you really have an ERP process that uses them, you might not have a choice. You should demand that your ERP vendor get rid of the use of /QDLS. The networking connections to /QDLS are old and unreliable and might not be supported by PC vendors such as Microsoft much longer. To get around some problems, you can upload PC files into other file systems such as the /root file system. On the AS/400, you can then copy the files into a document in a /QDLS folder. Sometimes that can help avoid accessing /QDLS over a network from a PC. Tom
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  • TomLiotta
    I have a SAGE V6 software in windows server ... What user is Sage running under on the server? When Sage use folder as400... Is the Sage user enrolled in the AS/400 system directory? FTP can be used, but the system directory enrollment will still need to be in place for the user that logs on through FTP. Tom
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