AS/400 printing sends file to HLD status every time

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Hi, When i m trying to print the file from as/400 printer it is going into held status. writer started,printer outq is in release mode,printer device is varried on and ip address of the printer is pingable but when trying to print the file is going to PND status after some time it is going into HLD status. What might be the problem and what else need to be checked.. Your help can be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Check the systemvalue QCHRID. The value for characterset should match the characterset of the CHRID in your printer device settings.

Next check your printers setup. See what codepage the printer is set to and make sure you put the codepage on CHRID parameter of the printer device to that same value.

If this doesn’t work try setting the codepage of the device to 500. This is the most common code page and should work (Although it might give some swapped special charecters). Then try different codepages and look at the results.

WRKJOB yourWriterName/OutQ name
Check the joblog – you should see error messages

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  • MrObvious
    my printers do that when someone redirects a printer file to the wrong printer i.e. someone sends a zebra label to a laser packing slip printer. it sits in the q and won't let me delete it, move it of put it on hold. i put the printer on hold, all print files on hold, then end the printer, vary it off, then i can delete the file, and then vary on the printer, start the printer then release the files, and then i have to get out of the q before they rest of the files will print. sometimes i can get printers to stop acting weird with CALL QSPFIXUP (which only works on vary offed printers.)
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  • graybeard52
    This type of problem can also occur with certain printer errors, esp if someone added to the system reply list. Check the system logs to see if the writer or que is seeing an error and causing the hold. The fact that it goes PND first would hint that there is a conectivity problem.
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  • Bigmac46
    I can't remember the exact error message but look for a message about something in the spoolfile that can't be converted. If that is happening the system will put the spollfile in HLD status.
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