If I APPLY more than one SYSMOD to SMP/E, and the APPLY fails, due to the fact that there is insufficient space in one of the target libraries, and the compress fails too, causing the entire job to fail, what does SMP/E do to the SYSMODs that were applied before the job failed? For Example: I attempt to APPLY SYSMOD1,SYSMOD2,SYSMOD3,SYSMOD4 into target library SYS1.LIB the library reached 100% percent utilization after applying SYSMOD3, and compress didn't help. What happens to SYSMOD1 and SYSMOD2?

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Usually, none of the SYSMODs selected by the APPLY statement will apply when there are errors. DELETEs are a different situation though, so you have to be careful when you have SYSMODs that delete modules. The DELETE will generally occur, but the APPLY will not. Can get messy.

Just increase the size of your problem target lib and re-run the APPLY.

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  • S390Tek
    Perhaps I don?t fully understand your question, but looking around message GIM22701I for each SYSMOD and/or reviewing the ?Element Summary Report for Apply Processing? in your output should answer your question.
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  • Boblight
    DaveK's answer is a good one. Here's my two quarters before I do any smp/e maintenance. 1. Take a backup of all libraries for the product that you are applying maintenance to (smpe libs, target libs, dlib's, and even copies of of the target libs that you use for working libraries. The reason is, that if you have a good backup, you can always start over after restoring (this has saved my hide more than once). 2. Depending on the product (IBM or even 3rd party products), take the extra time to read the install documentation. More often than not there are warnings in the instructions to check to make sure that certain libraries have enough space. The only other advice I can give is to just follow the above, and time, patience, and experience will serve you well. Also if you have someone in house to go to for advice helps, but if you don't have that luxury (as I did) then taking an IBM class or another training vendors class (like I did) goes along way towards helping build your confidence, and helping you with the expereince part. Good Luck to you :)
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  • Me
    I am currently running smpe 3.3 so I will base my answer for that level. If sysmod 1 & 2 applied - they applied, done. If sysmod 3 failed you still need to check sysmod 4 since it may use other libraries and may have applied. Rename the library thatran out of space then copy it to a larger library of the origional name (and volume) then re-run your apply.
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